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360 ii 35 Vincent, Nathaniel: for University read College
362 i 33 Vincent, Richard B.: for was a banker. read Osman Vincent was a banker. John Painter Vincent [q. v.] was his brother.
6 f.e.
Vines, Richard (1600?-1656): for St. Clement Dane's read St. Clement Danes
384 ii 17 Vizetelly, Henry: for Vizetelli read Vizzetelli
385 i 4 for Boyne read Bogue
386 i 25 after 'Glances Back.' insert He was twice married, and left issue by both marriages.
388 i 14 f.e. Vokes, Frederick M.: for 10 March read 10 March 1876
394 i 19 f.e. Vossius, Isaac: omit the younger
402 i 25 Waad, Sir William: for a mistake). read a mistake for 1580, in which year he received instructions in the capacity of ambassador to Portugal (Sloane MS. 1442, f. 114)
404 i 15 for misread read read
18-19 for the earliest instance, by more than fifty years, read a comparatively early instance
406 ii 13-14 Waddell, Peter H.: omit M.A. (1877) . . . Glasgow University, and
414 i 29-30 Wade, George: for now known as the 33rd foot, read afterwards known successively as the 33rd foot and the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment,
420 ii 10 f.e. Wade, Sir Thomas F.: for Lord Loch read Henry, afterwards Lord Loch
431 ii 6 f.e. Waghorn, Thomas: for Jan. read June
447 ii 4 f.e. Wakefield, Robert: after 'Catalogue.' insert Wakefield's transcript made in 1502 is in Sloane MS. 2232 (cf. Ward's Cat. Romances, i. 919).