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218 i 7 Wellesley, Richard C., Marquis Wellesley: for allowances read alliances
18 f.e. for discovered read discerned
13 f.e. for a citadel of Calcutta read at Calcutta
222 i 5 for Musgrave read Mulgrave
223 i 3 for an external name read an esteemed name
38 for aristocratic read autocratic
242 i 36-39 Welsted, Robert: omit He also translated . . . London, 1712, 8vo; and with
40 for Richard West edited Pindar read Welsted joined Richard West in editing the works of Pindar
260 i 14 Wentworth, Paul: after Burnham Abbey insert Buckinghamshire
ii 3 f.e. after 1593. insert He was buried in Burnham Church.
261 i 7 f.e. Wentworth, Peter: for Lillingstone Darell read Lillingstone Lovell
268 i 22 f.e. Wentworth, Thomas, 1st Earl of Strafford: for Atkins read Atkinson
284 i 15 f.e. Wentworth, Sir Thomas, Baron Wentworth: after expense. insert He died in his father's lifetime.
10 f.e. for succeeded him read succeeded his father
286 i 37-38 Wentworth, Sir Thomas, 4th Baron Wentworth: for baroness Wentworth, who died in 1860. read Lady Byron never assumed the title of baroness Wentworth, although she became entitled to it in 1856.
297 i 23 Werferth: omit now lost
27-29 for—a translation which Pits . . . in Cambridge. read Manuscripts of this translation are extant at Cambridge, Oxford, and London.
317 i 53-54 Wesley, Samuel (1662-1735): omit under Richard Busby [q. v.],
321 i 9 f.e. Wesley, Samuel S.: after painted in oils insert by W. K. Briggs, which is now in possession of his eldest son, F. G. Wesley, vicar of Hamsteels, Durham
ii 20 f.e. for 1855 read 1885
322 i 18-19 omit A portrait of Wesley . . . Julian Marshall, esq.
342 i 12 West, Sir Thomas, 9th Baron De La Warr: for Halfnaked read Halfnaker
344 i 35 for 1547-8 read 1549-50
369 ii 36 Weston, Richard (1620-1681): for Bushby read Buskby
373 i 14 Weston, Stephen: for Cleave Hill read Cleeve Hill
393 ii 4-5 Weymouth, George: for Kennebee read Kennebec
404 i 35 Wharton, Sir George: after prefixed insert to his 'Works.'
409 ii 16 f.e. Wharton, Philip, 4th Baron Wharton: after p. 7). insert The former collection, containing the finest work of Van Dyck's latest years, is now at the Hermitage, St. Petersburg
6 f.e. after p. 35). insert A fine portrait of Wharton as a young man is at the Hermitage, St. Petersburg.
410 ii 12 f.e. Wharton, Philip, Duke of Wharton: for Northumberland read Westmoreland
416 i 32 Wharton, Thomas, 1st Baron Wharton: for Heydon read Hedon
432 ii 5-1 f.e. Wheare, Degory: for in 1624 his opening address . . . and death. This record read a record of Camden's life and death
433 i 2 omit were included
3-4 omit his 'Dedicatio . . . (1626), and
ii 7 Wheatley, Benjamin R.: for Kersell read Kersal
440 ii 5 Wheeler, Sir Hugh M.: for Browne Thompson's read Mowbray Thomson's
446 ii 4 Wheler, Sir George: after Nottinghamshire. insert He was admitted at Christ's College, Cambridge, 10 May 1717, aged 16, from Durham School, graduated B.A. 1720-1, M.A. 1724, and was fellow of his college from 25 Jan. 1721-2 till 18 Jan. 1723-4, when he succeeded to his father's estates.
452 ii 6 Whetstone, George: after p. 387). insert An account of the death of Sir Philip Sidney, related on the authority of George Whetstone, an eye-witness, is to be found in Thomas Churchyard's 'True Discours Historical of the Succeeding Governors in the Netherlands and the Civill Warres there,' London, 1602, 4to.