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203 i 23 Wilberforce Robert I.: for Brown read Browne
ii 2 f.e.
207 i 6-5 f.e. Wilberforce, Samuel: for denied the bishop's right to refuse institution to read reversed the sentence of a year's suspension passed by the Court of Arches on some of
221 ii 38 Wild, George: after old age. insert Several plays that he wrote for St. John's College, Oxford, are extant in Brit. Mus. Addit. MS. 14047.
256 i 16 Wilkie, Sir David: for seized for the rent of the room, read unfairly seized for rent owing by a previous tenant of the room.
265 ii 13 Wilkins, John: for probably read became in 1663
14-15 for though some authorities . . . . this appointment; read (cf. Sloane MS. 1326, f. 40 b)
267 ii 40 Wilkins, William: for Oxberton read Osberton
271 i 25 Wilkinson, Henry: for Kennet's read Kennett's
272 i 29 Wilkinson, James J. G.: for A bust read A bust by F. Leifchild
287 i 2 f.e. Willes, Sir John: for Bishop's Ickington read Bishop's Itchington
306 i 25-26 William II: for and the duchy of Normandy were read was
314 i 50-51 William III: for Kennet read Kennett and so through article
331 i 15 William IV: for of Victoria read Victoria
367 ii 33 William de Fors, Earl of Albemarle: for King Stephen read Count Stephen
369 ii 21 f.e. for Beforth read Beeford
379 i 35 Williams, Sir Charles H.: after (1664-1734) insert [q. v.]
396 i 6 f.e. Williams, Edward E.: for Elliker read Ellerker
4-2 for His father, a merchant . . . . attained his majority, read His father Captain John Williams, a captain in the East India Company's army, died on his voyage home from India in June 1809.
396 ii 8 for the lady read Jane, sister of General John Wheeler Cleveland, of the Madras army
34 for Bysshe], Williams left a son, read Bysshe]. Mrs. Williams subsequently formed an union with Thomas Jefferson Hogg [q. v.J Williams's children included, besides a daughter (Mrs. Lonsdale), a son, Edward Medwin,
36 for a daughter, married to read a daughter, Rosalind, married to Henry Sylvan Leigh,
18 f.e. after cemetery add in 1884. Williams kept a diary from 21 Oct. 1821 till 4 July 1822, four days before his death. The original MS. was presented, with other relics of Williams, to the British Museum by his grandson, Mr. J. W. Williams. The diary was edited in 1902 by Dr. Richard Garnett.
409 i 32 Williams, Isaac: for The college historian read James Pycroft, in 'College Memories'
410 i 27 after (d. 1871). insert A portrait painted about 1850 by W. H. Cubley, of Newark, was lately presented to Trinity College to be hung in the Hall.