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This page needs to be proofread.


gg ^ Beaufort, Edmund, 2nd Duke of Somerset ; 'before Somerset insert the earldom-

of and omit titles . . . earldom

2 for and . . . 1448) read (He was created a duke anew in 1448)

41 i 28 f.e. Beaufort, Henry : after Lincoln add and of Eiccall in York cathedral in 1390

23 f.e. for The next year read The previous year

48 i 3i Beaufort, John, 1st Duke of Somerset : after made insert K.G. about 1440 19 f.e. Beaufort, Margaret: for 1441 read 1443 14 f.e. for only three read less than two

ii i after year insert (3 Nov.)

1-2 for leaving . . . son read A son, afterwards Henry VII, was born posthu-

mously, 28 Jan. 1456-7

50 i 5 Beaufort, Sir Thomas, Duke of Exeter : after made insert K.G. about 1400

25-23 for and after . . . his garrison and read He remained in charge of Harfleur

f.e. ' and during the winter

21-19 for Armagnac ... a fleet under read In March 1416 he was defeated by

f.e. ' Armagnac at Balmont and was closely besieged in Harfleur till relieved

in August by

18 f.e. omit PLANTAGENET

17 f.e. omit the line

13 f.e. omit and also received the garter

11 f.e. after and insert subsequently and after Raid insert (Oct. 1417)

28 for 21 Sept. read 31 Aug.

51 i 9 Beaufoy, Henry : for 1780 read 1783

21 for He read Although a dissenter he was a supporter of Pitt's ministry and

from 1791-3

54 ii 22 f.e. Beaumont, Francis (1584-1616) : after studies insert (See Sloane MS. 1709 ff. 13-


55 i 15 for afterwards read before

58 ii 16 Beaumont, Sir John : for 1547 read 1597

60 ii 4/.0. Beaumont, John T. B. : for 1824 read 1823

61 ii 7 Beaumont, Joseph : for seems to read cannot

12-20 for He was appointed . . . wife read He is said by church historians to have

succeeded to a vacant prebend in Ely cathedral in 1651, but he was not installed till 1660. And under the Commonwealth he necessarily vacated, except in name, all his preferments. He married in 1650 Miss Brownrigg, a niece of Matthew Wren [q. y.] the ejected bishop of Ely. Beaumont had been Wren's domestic chaplain. With his wife he

69 i 8-7 f.e. Beaumont, Thomas W. : for After representing read A few months later, in

Dec. 1826, he was returned for

7-6 f.e. for for a short . . . 1830 read- and sat till 1830, when he was

ii 11 for 10 read 20

70 ii 1 Beaver, John : omit this cross reference

75 i 17-19 Becher, Eliza, Lady : for By the death . . . baronet read He was created a baronet

on William IV's coronation in 1831 ii 15 f.e. Becher, John T. : for 1801 read 1802 8 f.e. for dean read provost

79 ii 6 Beckford, Peter : for cousin read nephew

80 ii 3 Beckford, William (1709-70) : after parliament insert as member for Shaftesbury

in 1747, sitting for that place till 1754 14 after spring insert (1754)

28-29 omit presumably . . . Westbury

43 for Bridger read Bridgen

81 i 25-35 for On 29 Sept. 1769 ... the third 676 read On 29 Sept. 1769, three instead of

the customary two names were presented to the livery, viz. those of Alder- men Beckford, Trevithick, and Sir Henry Bankes ; the first two were both of the party opposed to the court, and Bankes was alone a court candidate. The livery had to return no more than two names to the court of aldermen, with whom the final choice of lord mayor lay, and the preliminary sub- mission to the livery of three instead of the customary two names gave it the opportunity of which it availed itself, of excluding any court candidate even from nomination. The names of Alderman Beckford and of his friend Irevit uck were, after a poll on 6 Oct., alone returned by the livery to the