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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line
9 ii 7 Church, Richard W.: for ‘Paschal read ‘Pascal
38 Churchill, Randolph H. S. (called Lord Randolph Churchill): for Mr. Frewen read Mr. Frewer
37 ii 11f.e. Cochrane-Baillie, Alexander D. R. W., 1st Baron Lamington: for In 1857 read At a by-election in Jan. 1857
10f.e. for and from read and was rejected at the general election in April. From
43 i 18 Colebrooke, Sir William M. G.: omit on the retired list
22 after 1859 insert and general 26 Dec. 1865
58 i 16 Cooke, Sir George: for 1757 read 1750
71 i 2f.e. Coventry, Andrew: for Stitchell read the Relief Church at Stitchell
72 i 3f.e. Cowen, Joseph: for (1829 read (1831
73 i 12f.e. for 1885 read 1886
74 ii 19 Cowper (afterwards Cowper-Temple), William F., Baron Mount-Temple: for 1863 read 1868
28-29 for from February 1857 .... this office read in February 1857 he was transferred to
31 after education insert and on 24 Sept. 1857 resumed the presidency of the board of health, holding both offices together till March 1858
80 i 11 Craven, Mrs. Pauline M. A. A.: for Dublin read Dublin County
81 ii 37 Crealock, Henry H.: for gazetted read promoted
90 ii 10f.e. Cromwell, Ralph, 4th Baron Cromwell: for 1418 read 1417
91 i 1 for 6 March read 6 March 1418
93 i
Crowther, Samuel A.: for 1892 read 1891
98 ii 25 Cureton, Charles R.: after 1891, insert of the 7th dragoon guards 23 Sept. 1891
106 i 2f.e. Dale, Thomas P.: for bookseller read publisher, stockbroker, and East India agent
ii 2 omit (where his tutor was Colenso)
3 after 1841 insert and was privately coached by Colenso
107 i 22 for By his wife (married in 1846) read He married, in 1846, Mary, elder daughter of William Francis of Reigate,
114 i 47-48 Dashwood, Francis, Baron le Despencer: for in the same year read in 1768
13f.e. for being succeeded read having been succeeded the year before
12f.e. for the militia read the Bucks militia
for and during Lord North's .... postmaster-general. read Lord Chatham made him joint postmaster-general in 1766, and he continued in that office till 1781, through Lord North's long administration.
115 i 4 Davidson, Samuel: for 1899) read 1898)
117 ii 31-58 Davies, David C.: Note that Davies's namesake David Christopher Davies is separately noticed in the Dictionary (see vol. xiv. p. 133)
118 ii 81 Davis, Sir John F.: for July 1819 read 16 June 1819