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259 i 34 Pender, Sir John: for 1865-6 read 1862-6
ii 11 for John read (Sir) John
268 i l.l. Pitman, Sir Isaac: for first read first in 1835, and secondly,
ii 1 for and left read by whom he left
269 i 11 Pitt-Rivers, Augustus H. L. F. : for till his death read till 1896
274 ii 3 Plume, Thomas: for Plumean read Plumeian
279 i 4f.e. Pole, William: for until his death read until August 1899
ii 7 omit was
280 i 10 for a setting read an arrangement for four hands
281 ii 34 Potter, Thomas B.: for Burle read Buile
282 i 13 for now known as 'Potter & Norris.' read successively known as 'Potter & Norris' and 'Potter & Taylor.'
287 i 21f.e. Price, Bartholomew : after Pembroke insert taking holy orders
ii 26 for 1891 read 1892
31 after the college. insert With the mastership went a canonry of Gloucester.
334 i 18f.e. Ryder, Dudley F. S., 3rd Earl of Harrowby: for Defeated at the general election of April 1859, read Defeated at Stafford at a by-election in Aug. 1860,
335 i 28 Ryle, John C.: for until his death read until his resignation on 1 March 1900. He died
8f.e. Salvin, Osbert: for Trinity College read Trinity Hall
352 ii 2 Stansfeld, Sir James: for Moorlands read Akeds Road
9 for James Ralph read John Ralph
10 for independent read Unitarian
355 ii 28 Stephens or Stevens, Thomas: for is described read was doubtless son of Thomas Stevens of Bushton, in the parish of Clyffe Pipard, Wiltshire. He has been described
30-32 for he may therefore be identified .... Dorset, read this place has been erroneously identified with Bourton, Dorset. Stevens
384 i 37 Torrens, Henry W.: for 11 Aug. read 16 Aug.
388 ii 15f.e. Victor, F. F., Prince Gleichen : for 1867 read Jan. 1866
391 i l.l. Victoria, Queen: for 14 Jan. read 29 Jan.
ii 4 for Six days later read Nine days earlier
396 i 39-40 for Shadborough read Shugborough
41-42 for the old tory statesman Lord Liverpool read the third earl of Liverpool, half-brother of the tory statesman, and himself a politician of ability
44 for Newell Grange read Hewell Grange
401 i 35 for six read eight
8f.e. before Marchioness of Normanby insert Countess of Mulgrave, afterwards
402 21 for leader read speaker
417 ii l.l. for His father read His half-brother (Alexander I)
418 i l.l. for 1843 read 1844
425 i 21f.e. for 1838 read 1837
429 ii 7f.e. for Lord Derby read Lord Stanley, afterwards Lord Derby
432 i 27 for Liverpool read [the third earl of] Liverpool
445 ii 32-33 for in impotent rage read angrily
11f.e. for foreign politics read political questions
446 i 22 for 200l. read 250l.
460 ii 8 for (Longman read (Laughton
492 i 3f.e. for the duke read the inauguration of the Commonwealth at Sydney on 1 Jan. 1901
2-1f.e. omit in the Australian parliament house
497 i 2-3 for she exchanged in later years for patience; read she abandoned in later years altogether;
23 after Donizetti, insert Handel and Bach bored her;
24 omit Handel and
499 ii 27 for Principal Tulloch read the Rev. Dr. Tulloch
43-44 for Strafford House read Stafford House
509 ii 17f.e. Wauchope, Andrew G.: after colonel, insert being made C.B. in 1889,
510 i 16 for He left no issue read He left a son by his first marriage