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160 i 6 Bell, Henry : for made by Bell read (constructed by John Robertson of Glasgow and now preserved in the Victoria and Albert museum)
165 ii 31–2 Bell, John (d. 1556) : for Sub-Edge read Weston-sub-Edge
166 i 4 for 1632 read 1532
29 for Sir John More read Sir Thomas More
13f.e. after Aug. insert 1539
171 i 2f.e. Bell, Lady Maria: for Lady Maria read Bell, Maria, Lady
172 i 29 Bell, Robert: for Robert read Sir Robert
176 i 6–7 Bell, William (1625–1683): for Three years later read In March 1665–6
8 for Reculversland read Reculverland
187 i 5–6 Bellenden, John : for the first version read one of the earliest versions
189 ii 21f.e. Bellenden, William, Lord Bellenden: after the Restoration insert (see Calendar

of State Papers and Nicholas Papers, Camden Soc.)

190 i 9 Bellers, Fettiplace: for Sept. read Aug.
193 ii 9 Bellingham, Sir Edward: after He insert represented Gatton in parliament in 1544 and
12–10f.e. for No distinct mention . . . State Papers read (see Bagwell's Ireland under the Tudors, i. 339)
198 i 12–11f.e. Belmeis, John: for Nasburgh read Newburgh
200 i 31 Belmeis, Richard de (d. 1128): for 1127 read 1127–8
201 ii 9–8f.e. Beloe, William: for and in 1803 became read from 1800 till his death he was prebendary of Lincoln and from 1804 till his death he was also prebendary at St. Paul's in succession to Paley. In 1803 he had become
203 i 26f.e. Belsham, Thomas : for 1755 read 1775
213 i 14f.e. Bendlowes, William: for Penrhyn read West Looe
216 i 9f.e. Benedict of Norwich: for monk read friar
217 i 32 Benedict, Sir Julius: for 1873 read 1882
ii 29–30 Benefield, Sebastian: for By the latter date . . . quaint words read In 1626
221 i 29 Benfield, Paul: after 1782 insert Benfield sat for Malmesbury 1790–2 and for

Shaftesbury 1793–1802

222 ii 23f.e. Benjamin, Judah P.: for 1811 read 1807
39–42 omit New Orleans . . . the ship put into
17f.e. after Great Britain insert but subsequently ceded to Denmark
16f.e. for 1815 read 1818
11f.e. for In 1815 his parents settled in read In 1818 his parents removed from St. Croix to
9f.e. for He read After attending a good school at Fayetteville, he
223 i 5f.e. for was present and heard read read in ‘The Times’ newspaper
225 i 26 for Cairns read Selborne
ii 2 for 8 May read 6 May
230 ii 22–23 Bennet, Henry, Earl of Arlington: for born at . . . Middlesex read baptised at Little Saxham, Suffolk
231 i 7f.e. after parliament insert for Callington
233 i 26 after 1685 insert He had been lord-lieutenant of Suffolk since 1681
234 ii 15 Bennet, Sir John: for this year read 1617
27 for of the same year read 1616
236 ii 14 Bennet, Robert (d. 1617): after appointed insert prebendary of Winchester, and on 23 March 1595–6
16 for year read month
242 i 21f.e. Bennett, George John : after Birmingham insert In earlier life he published an

interesting volume called ‘A Pedestrian Tour through North Wales’ with 20 etchings by A. Clint, London, 1838

ii 23 Bennett, James : after he resigned add He was chairman of the Congregational Union in 1840
245 i 3f.e. Bennett, John H.: for the Institute read the Institutes
ii 32 for at the Institute read of the Institutes
246 i
Bennett, John J.: for 1875 read 1876
255 i 15f.e. Benson, Christopher: for several years read from 1827 to 1845