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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

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3 i 6 Boucher, John: for no issue read a son and daughter
4 ii 29-34 Bouchier, George: for Yeomans read Yeamans
7 i 19f.e. Boulter, Hugh: for Pierce read Pearce
9 i 25 Boulton, Matthew: after 1809 add His grandson, and only surviving male representative, Matthew Piers Watt Boulton of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, died on 30 June 1894 (Times, 4 July 1894)
13 i 28 Bourchier, John, 2nd Baron Berners: for in 1616 read on 9 Feb. 1616-7
14 ii 2 Bourchier, Sir John: for 1645 read 1647
15 i 4f.e. Bourchier, Thomas: after Hastings insert and in 1433 a prebend at Lincoln
16 i 31-32 for enthroned in February following read enthroned on 24 Jan. following (Sloane MS. 1201, f. 4 b)
18 i 5f.e. for 6 April read 30 March
21 ii 31·32 Bourke, Richard S., 6th Earl of Mayo: for during the remainder of his parliamentary life read from 1857 until the dissolution of 1868
25 ii 20f.e. Bourn, Samuel (1689-1754): for Lyne read Lyme
28 i 19f.e. Bourne, Gilbert: after prebend insert (Wildland)
18f.e. after prebend insert (Brownswood)
29 i 28 after 1558 insert in which year he was lord president of Wales
30 ii 25 Bourne, Immanuel: for 1672 read 1679
31 i 27 for Perisons read Peirsons
36 ii 9 Bouverie, Sir Henry F.: for 1775 read 1771
10 for 1807 read 1810
16f.e. after colonel insert of the 1st West India regiment in 1842 and
38 ii 27 Bovill, Sir William: omit Platt had already gone and
28 omit and Lush
6-5f.e. omit when Sir Fitzroy . . . baron
39 ii 27f.e. Bowater, Sir Edward: for lieutenant-general read general
26f.e. after foot insert from 1846
40 i 10 before groom insert lieutenant-general and and after queen insert and in 1854 full general
46 ii 2 Bowen, James (d. 1774): for a native of read son of John Bowen of
58 i 15f.e. Bower, Walter: for Ex. read E. x.
58 i 22 Bowes, Sir Jerome: before In insert He was M.P. for Lancaster in 1601 and for Reading in 1604
ii 8 Bowes, John (1690-1767): for Baron of Clonlyon read Baron Bowes of Clonlyon
59 ii 20f.e. Bowes, Sir Martin: after the city insert (for Aldgate 1586-40, Castle Baynard 1540-2, Farringdon within 1542-5, and Langbourn 1545 till his death)
14f.e. after pp. 40-1) insert He was elected M.P. for London 1547, 1558, 1554 (bis), 1555, and 1556; was president of Christ's Hospital 1556 and comptroller of the London Hospitals from 1558 till his death
7f.e. for Aug. read Sept.