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98 ii 10-11 Butterworth, Joseph : for He sat in parliament .... Dover read He was M.P. for

Coventry 1812-18 and for Dover 182U-G

4-3/.e. Button, Balph: for Dr. Henry Hammond read Edward Corbet, the successor of Dr. Henry Hammond

99 i 28 for Wood's read Ward's

101 i 20 Button, William : omit and afterwards dean

13 f.e. for 1248 read 1247

ii 11 Button, Sir William : for 1654 read 1655 16 f.e. for 1654 read 1654-5

102 ii 5 Butts, Robert : for four read five

105 ii 10 Buxton, Charles : for M.A. in 1848 read B.A. in 1845 and M.A. in 1850 110 i 20 Byam, Henry : for 1637 read 1627

21 for the vicarage read afterwards became vicar

118 ii 15 f.e. Byles, John B. : for JOHN read Sm JOHN

114 i 12, 13 omit and he was the last survivor of the order

21 for June read January

115 i 13 Byng, Andrew : for 1651 read 1652

18 for 1651 read March 1651-2

22 after business insert He was sub-dean of York for forty-six years, from 1606

till his death 118 i 30 Byng, George, Viscount Torrington , after Torrington insert He had been M.P.

for Plymouth since 1705 120 i 12 f.e. Byng, John (1704-1757) : after 1757 insert He was M.P. for Rochester from 1751

till his death

122 i 11, 12 Byng, Sir John, Earl of Strafford : omit and governor .... Culmore

21 before in 1822 insert the colonelcy of the York Infantry Volunteers (1815-6),

the colonelcy of the 4th West India regiment (1816-9), 27 for but resigned his command read In 1832 he was made governor of

Londonderry and Culmore, but he resigned his Irish command ii 9 Byng, Thomas : for 1572 read 1572 and 1578 l.l. By imeman, Henry : for Ball read Bell

123 i 21 f.e. Byrd, William: for 1538 ? read 1540

ii 24-26 for It was .... he married read On 14 Sept. 1568 he married at St, Mar-

garet's in the Close, Lincoln

124 i 22 f.e. for is read in

ii 17-7 for Somewhere about this time .... the crown read In April 1592 Byrd

f.e. was still living at Harlington, but about 1593 he became possessed of the

remainder of a lease of Stondon Place, Essex, an estate belonging to William Shelley, who was shortly afterwards convicted of high treason. The property was sequestrated and on 15 July 1595 Byrd obtained a crown lease of it for the lives of his eldest son, Christopher, and his daughters Elizabeth and Rachel

125 i 10 for 1698 read 1608

23-28 for What the end of the dispute .... much longer read Mrs. Shelley died

in 1609, and the long dispute was settled by Byrd's purchase of Stondon Place in the name of John and Thomas Petre, charging part of the property with a payment to himself of 20Z. for his life with remainder to his second son, Thomas an arrangement which gave rise to further litigation after his death ii 24 f.e. for Sir Thomas Leighton's read Sir William Leighton's

126 i 5-12 for but the copies of the two .... Antiquarian Society in 1841 read with-

out title-pages probably in 1588, and have been published in modern editions

35 after Gresham College insert and was alive in 1651

88 after married insert (1) Hook, by whom she had two children, William and

Katherine, wife of Michael Walton, and (2) 89, 40 for Thomas Falconbridge read (1) Henry Hawksworth, by whom she had

four sons, and (2) Thomas Faulconbridge ; and 6. Anne, who died young 129 i 24 Byrne, William : after success insert His second daughter, Mary, married James

Green, 1771-1834 [q. v.]

188 ii 8 f.e. Byron, George, 6th Lord : for 245 read 45 185 ii 12 for JOHN read JOHN THOMAS

144 ii 18 f.e. for Cappet read Coppet