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247 ii 11 f.e. Caldwell, Sir Alexander: after 1839 insert Sir Alexander was twice married, first to Ann Miller, who died 22 Oct. 1836, and secondly to Elizabeth Shepheard. The second Lady Caldwell afterwards married Colonel Le Blanc and died in 1891
248 i 9 f.e. Caldwell, Sir Benjamin : after 1783 insert He was M.P. for Knocktopher in the Irish House of Commons 1776-83 and for Harristown 1783-90
249 i 35 Calendar, Earl of : omit this cross reference
254 i 8f.e. Call, Sir John : for Lord Oxford read Lord Orford
261 i 12 f.e. Calthorpe, Sir Henry: for Foster's read Forster's
4-3 f.e. Calthorpe, Sir Charles : for 1583, in succession to Thomas Snagge read 1584
265 ii 7-11 Calverley, Walter : for But more interesting .... was first published read Calverley's story was twice dramatised — first by George Wilkins [q. v.] in 'Miseries of Enforced Marriage' (1607) and secondly in ‘The Yorkshire Tragedy,’ which was first published
17 for the play read ‘The Yorkshire Tragedy’
266 i 36 Calvert, Caroline Louisa W.: for Dr. Woold read Dr. Woolls
268 ii 9 f.e. Calvert, Frederick, 7th Lord Baltimore: for seventh read sixth
7 f.e. for sixth read fifth
12-16 note that Carlyle refers not to the subject of this article, but to his father, under date 1739
270 ii 4 f.e. Calvert, George, 1st Lord Baltimore: before In the insert On 8 Jan. 1623-4 he was elected M.P. for Oxford University
272 i 11 for Anne, daughter of George Wynne read in 1604-5 Anne (d. 1622), daughter of a Roman catholic, George Mynne
12 after Hertfordshire insert By her he had six sons and five daughters. There is some evidence of a second marriage
18 f.e. add A portrait by Mytens has been often engraved
273 i 19-20 Calvert, Sir Harry: for G.C.B. . . . adjutant-general read G.C.B. in 1815 and G.C.H. in 1817, received next year
26-27 for about the time of his marriage read in January 1799, five months before his marriage
274 i 16 Calvert, Leonard : for Port Comfort, Virginia, on 24 Feb. read Point Comfort, Virginia, on 27 Feb.
18 after Indian village insert in Maryland
26 f.e. after Virginia insert In April 1637 Calvert was constituted lieutenant-general, admiral, commander, chancellor, and chief justice of Maryland. He stood by the authority of the king during the Civil War, and was viewed with hostility by the parliamentary party.
21-20 f.e. for and finally drove Calvert to Virginia read Richard Ingle, who held a commission from the parliament against malignants in Chesapeake Bay, finally drove Calvert to Virginia
11 f.e. for Frank White read Father Andrew White, S.J.
275 i 28 Calvert, Thomas : for about 1819 read in 1817
30 for 1814 read 1815
ii 27 Cambell, Sir James : for 1613 read 1614
28,29 for Broad Street read Bread Street
31 before and twice insert governor of the East India Company 1602-3
40 for Lion Street read Lime Street
280 i 15 f.e. Camden, William : for a music lecture read the professorship of music
281 ii 17 f.e. for 1515 read 1615
286 ii 23 Cameron, Sir Alexander : for Inverallort read Inverailort
30,31 for the 95th regiment read the corps of riflemen and afterwards as the 95th regiment
288 ii 26 Cameron, Charles D. : for Cobourg read Coburg
34 for 1866 read 1865
289 ii 43 Cameron, Donald : before was proclaimed insert his father
295 i 6-7 Cameron, John (1579?-1625) : omit of respectable parents
10 before After completing insert His father is identified with John Cameron, rector of Dunoon, and the family claim connexion with that of Lochiel
299 ii 18 Cameron, Sir John : before On 10 Jan. 1837 insert He had been colonel 93rd foot 1832-3 and was lieutenant-governor of Plymouth 1823-35