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Meditations, fitted to Man's different Conditions. In nine particulars’ (no date). 6. ‘I will pray with the Spirit and with the Understanding also,’ 1663. 7. ‘Christian Behaviour; being the Fruits of True Christianity,’ 1663. 8, 9, 10. ‘The Four Last Things,’ ‘Ebal and Gerizim,’ and ‘Prison Meditations.’ All in verse, and published in one volume. The date of the first edition is not known. 11. ‘The Holy City,’ 1665. 12. ‘The Resurrection of the Dead and Eternal Judgment,’ 1665. 13. ‘Grace abounding to the Chief of Sinners,’ 1666. 14. ‘Defence of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith,’ 1672. 15. ‘Confession of Faith,’ 1672. These two were the last books published by him in prison. His release was speedily followed by: 16. ‘Difference of Judgment about Water Baptism no Bar to Communion,’ 1673. 17. ‘Peaceable Principles and True’ (a rejoinder to attacks on the preceding work), 1674. 18. ‘Reprobation asserted, or the Doctrine of Eternal Election promiscuously handled’ (no date). This work, though accepted by Charles Doe and inserted by him in the catalogue of Bunyan's works, and included by Hogg and Offor in their collected editions, is rejected by Mr. Brown on internal evidence of style and substance, but hardly perhaps on sufficient grounds. 19. ‘Light for them that sit in Darkness,’ 1675. 20. ‘Instruction for the Ignorant, or a Salve to heal that great want of knowledge which so much reigns in Old and Young,’ 1675. A ‘Catechism for Children,’ written in prison, but not published till after his release. 21. ‘Saved by Grace,’ 1675. 22. ‘The Strait Gate, or the great Difficulty of going to Heaven,’ 1676. This is an expansion of a sermon on Luke xiii. 24, preached by Bunyan after his release. 23. ‘The Pilgrim's Progress,’ 1678. Two other editions with large additions appeared in the same and the following year, evidencing its rapid popularity. 24. ‘Come and welcome to Jesus Christ,’ 1678. The expansion of a sermon on John vi. 37. 25. ‘A Treatise of the Fear of God,’ 1679. 26. ‘The Life and Death of Mr. Badman,’ 1680. 27. ‘The Holy War,’ 1682. 28. ‘The Barren Fig Tree, or the Doom and Downfall of the Fruitless Professors,’ 1682. 29. ‘The Greatness of the Soul,’ 1683. Originally a sermon preached at Pinners' Hall, expanded. 30. ‘A Case of Conscience resolved,’ 1683. A curious little tract on the propriety of women meeting separately for prayer, &c., ‘without their men.’ 31. ‘Seasonable Counsel or Advice to Sufferers.’ 1684. 32. ‘A Holy Life the Beauty of Christianity,’ 1684. 33. ‘A Caution to stir up to Watch against Sin,’ 1684. A half-sheet broadside poem in sixteen stanzas. 34. ‘The second part of the Pilgrim's Progress,’ 1684. 35. ‘Questions about the Nature and Perpetuity of the Seventh-day Sabbath,’ 1685. 36. ‘The Pharisee and the Publican,’ 1685. 37. ‘A Book for Boys and Girls, or Country Rhymes for Children,’ in verse; or, as in later editions, ‘Divine Emblems, or Temporal Things spiritualised,’ 1686. 38. ‘The Jerusalem Sinner saved, or Good News for the Vilest of Men,’ 1688. 39. ‘The Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate,’ 1688. 40. ‘Discourse of the Building, Nature, Excellency, and Government of the House of God,’1688. A poetical composition in twelve divisions. 41. ‘The Water of Life,’ 1688. 42. ‘Solomon's Temple spiritualised, or Gospel-light fetcht out of the Temple at Jerusalem,’ in seventy particulars, 1688. 43. ‘The Acceptable Sacrifice, or the Excellency of a Broken Heart,’ the proofs of which were corrected by the author on his deathbed and published, with a preface, after his decease by his friend George Cokayn, 21 Sept. 1688. 44. His ‘Last Sermon,’ on John i. 13, preached on 19 Aug. 1688, two days before he sickened, and about twelve days before his death, was published from notes shortly after his decease. The ‘Dying Sayings,’ which appeared immediately after his death, bears internal evidence of being ‘a compilation from various sources made in haste for some publisher with a shrewd eye to business and trading on the interest attaching to Bunyan's name’ (Brown). Posthumous publications.—Ten of these were contained in the folio edition of 1692, which had been prepared for the press by Bunyan himself: 45. ‘An Exposition of the Ten first Chapters of Genesis and part of the Eleventh.’ A fragment of an intended continuous commentary on the Holy Scriptures. 46. ‘Justification by imputed Righteousness.’ 47. ‘Paul's Departure and Crown,’ an expansion of a sermon on 2 Tim. iv. 6–8. 48. ‘Israel's Hope encouraged,’ a discourse on Ps. cxxx. 7. 49. ‘The Desires of the Righteous granted,’ a sermon on Prov. x. 24 and xi. 23. 50. ‘The Saint's Privilege and Profit,’ a treatise on prayer based on Heb. iv. 16. 51. ‘Christ a Compleat Saviour,’ a discourse on the intercession of Christ, on Heb. vii. 25. 52. ‘The Saint's Knowledge of Christ's Love,’ an exposition of St. Paul's prayer, Ephes. iii. 18–19. 53. ‘The House of the Forest of Lebanon,’ a discourse on 1 Kings vii. 2, in which by a fanciful and baseless analogy he makes this palace a type of the church under persecution. 54. ‘Antichrist and her Ruin, and the Slaying of the Witnesses,’ a work which singularly enough breathes the most profound loyalty to the sovereign, though that sovereign