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Edmund Gosse, and a valuable volume of 'Miscellaneous Pieces;' the references given in this article are to this series of reprints. The following list of abbreviated titles supplies the chief bibliographical details. All were printed in London, and are in quarto unless otherwise described.

  1. 'Defence of Plays,' 1580 (?), small 8vo, without title or imprint; the only copies known are in Mr. Christie Miller's library at Britwell Court and in the Bodleian Library, Oxford; reprinted by the Shakespeare Society, 1853.
  2. 'An Alarum against Usurers,' by T. Este for Sampson Clarke, 1584 (Bodleian and Britwell), reprinted by Shakespeare Society with No. 1.
  3. 'Scillaes Metamorphysis,' by Richard Jhones, 1589 (Bodleian and Dyce Library, South Kensington); with new title-page as 'A most pleasant Historic of Glaucus and Scilla,' 1610, 4to (Mr. Locker-Lampson's Libr., Rowfant); reprinted by S. W. Singer, 1819.
  4. 'Rosalynde,' by Thomas Orwin for T. G. and John Busbie, 1590 (Britwell); 1592 (Bodleian and Huth Libraries); 1598 (Rowfant); 1604 (Britwell); 1609 (Bodleian and Brit. Mus.); 1612 (Brit, Mus.); 1614 (Brit. Mus.); 1623 (Britwell, Dyce Libr.); 1634 (Brit, Mus.); 1642 (ib.); reprinted in 1802 (ed. Waldron, with illustrations by Harding), in Collier's 'Shakespeare Library,' 1843 and 1875, and in Cassell's 'National Library,' 1886.
  5. 'Robert, second Duke of Normandy,' for N. L. and John Busbie, 1591 (Britwell).
  6. 'Catharos,' by William Hoskins and John Danter for John Busbie, 1591, 4to (Brit. Mus., Bodleian, Rowfant, and Ellesmere Libr.)
  7. 'Euphues Shadow,' by Abell Jeffes, for John Busbie, 1592 (Brit. Mus., Capell collection at Trin. Coll., Cambridge, Britwell, and Peterborough Cathedral Library).
  8. 'Phillis,' for John Busbie, 1593 (Brit. Mus.; Britwell, with an induction, belonging to some other unknown edition; Drummond's Books at Edinburgh Univ. and Capell coll.,Trin. Coll., Cambr.)
  9. 'William Longbeard,' by Rychard Yardley and Peter Short, 1593 (Bodleian and Rowfant); reprinted in Collier's 'Illustrations of Old English Literature,' vol. ii. 1860.
  10. 'The Wounds of Civill War,' by John Danter, 1594 (Bodleian, Brit. Mus., Britwell, Rowfant, and Dyce Library); reprinted in 'Dodsley's Old Plays,' 1825 and 1874.
  11. 'A Looking Glass for London,' by Lodge and Greene, by Thomas Creede, 1594 (Duke of Devonshire's Library); 1598 (Bodleian, Brit. Mus., Rowfant); 1602 (Bodleian, Brit, Mus.); 1617 (ib., Huth and Dyce Library); reprinted in Greene's 'Dramatic Works,' ed. Dyce, 1831.
  12. 'A Fig for Momus,' for Clement Knight, 1595 (Bodleian, Rowfant, and Britwell); reprinted by Sir Alexander Boswell at the Auchinleck Press, 1817.
  13. 'The Divel Coniured,' by Adam Islip, for William Mats, 1596 (Bodleian, Britwell, Huth, Capell, and Brit. Mus.)
  14. 'A Margarite of America,' for John Busbie, 1596 (Brit. Mus. and Bodleian).
  15. 'Wits Miserie,' by Adam Islip, for Cuthbert Burby, 1596 (Britwell, Huth, Capell, and Bodleian).
  16. 'Prosopopeia,' for E. White, 1596 (Lambeth Libr., Edinb. Univ., Bodl. Libr.)
  17. 'Paradoxes,' by Simon Waterson, 1602.
  18. 'Works of Josephus … at the charges of G. Bishop, S. Waterson, P. Short, and Tho. Adams,' 1602, fol. (Britwell and Brit. Mus.), 1609, 1620, 1632, 1655, 1670; revised ed. 1683 and 1693.
  19. 'A Treatise of the Plague,' for Edward White and N. L., 1603 (Brit, Mus., Edinb. Univ. Libr., Rowfant, Huth, and Bodleian).
  20. 'The Workes of Seneca,' by William Stansby, 1614, fol. (Britwell), 1620, and 1632.
  21. 'A Learned Summary of Du Bartas,' 1625, fol. (Brit. Mus.)

[Mr. Gosse's attractive essay on Lodge, which forms the introduction to the Hunterian Club edition of Lodge's works, is reissued in his Seventeenth Century Studies. See also Laing's introduction to the reprint of Lodge's Defence of Plays by Shakespeare Society, 1853; Hunter's Chorus Vatum, i. 77 (Addit. MS. 24487); Jusserand's English Novels in the Time of Shakespeare; A. H. Bullen's Lyrics from Elizabethan Romances, and his edition of England's Helicon; Corser's Collectanea; Hazlitt's Bibl. Collections; Hunter's New Illustrations of Shakespeare, i. 333; Collier's Bibliographical Cat., his Hist. of Dramatic Poetry, and his arts. in Gent. Mag. 1850 pt. ii. p. 605, 1851 pt. i. p. 155; Symonds's Predecessors of Shakespeare; Saintebury's Elizabethan Lit.; Fleay's Biog. Chron. of English Drama; Wood's Athenæ Oxon. ed. Bliss, ii. 382-385; Anglia, x. 235-89; bibliographical details kindly supplied by R. E. Graves, esq.]

S. L.

LODGE, WILLIAM (1649–1689), amateur artist and engraver, born at Leeds on 4 July 1649, was son of William Lodge, merchant at Leeds, and of Elizabeth, daughter of John Sykes. Lodge was educated at Leeds, and afterwards at Jesus College, Cambridge, and studied law at Lincoln's Inn. He accompanied Thomas Belasyse, earl of Fauconberg, on his embassy to Venice, and published in 1679 a translation of Giacomo Barri's' Viaggio Pittoresco d'Italia,' under the title of 'The Painter's Voyage of Italy, in which all the famous Paintings of the most eminent Masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several Cities of Italy.' Lodge was a prolific draughtsman and etcher, mainly of topography, in France, Italy, and England, and especially of the scenery near Leeds and York. He drew some plates of