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1825, and was buried in the chancel of his church, where a marble slab was placed to his memory.

He married, 9 Dec. 1773, Martha Elliston, sister of Dr. William Elliston, master of Sidney Sussex College, who survived him, dying 27 Aug. 1829.

From 1760 to 1796 Martyn corresponded with Dr. Richard Pulteney [q. v.], though they did not meet until 1785 (cf. Pulteney, Progress of Botany, ii. 352). Many of their letters are printed in Gorham's 'Life;' and other correspondence of Martyn's, given by him to Banks, is preserved in the botanical department of the British Museum. Martyn was elected F.R.S in 1786, and F.L.S. in 1788, and afterwards acted as vice-president of the latter society.

There is a folio engraving by Vendramini, after an oil-painting of him by Russel, in Thornton's 'Botany,' 1799; an octavo en- graving of the same portrait by Holl; and an octavo engraving by J. Farn of a portrait by S. Drummond, dated 1796.

Martyn's chief works were: 1. 'Plant as Cantabrigienses,' London, 1763, 8vo, the materials for a second edition of which he ultimately gave to Richard Relhan [q. v.] 2. 'The English Connoisseur; containing an Account of whatever is curious in Painting, Sculpture, &c, in the Palaces and Seats of the Nobility and principal Gentry of England,' London, 1766, 2 vols. 8vo, anonymous. 3. 'A Chronological Series of Engravers,' Cambridge, 1770, 12mo, also anonymous. 4. 'Catalogus Horti Botanici Cantabrigiensis,' 1771, 8vo, with a portrait of Dr. Walker, the founder, and an outline of Martyn's lectures, to which he added ' Mantissa plantarum. . . .,' 1772, 8vo. 5. ' The Antiquities of Herculaneum,' London, 1773, 4to, in conjunction with John Lettice, as already mentioned. 6. ' Elements of Natural History,' Cambridge, 1775, 8vo, being only the first part, dealing with mammals. 7. ' Letters on the Elements of Botany . . . by ... J. J. Rousseau, translated . . . with . . . twenty-four Additional Letters,' London, 1785, 8vo. 8. 'The Gentleman's Guide in his Tour through Italy,' London, 1787, 12mo, anonymous, but enlarged and re-issued with the author's name, London, 1791, 8vo. 9. ' Sketch of a Tour through Switzerland,' London, 1787, 12mo, also anonymous. 10. 'Thirty-eight Plates ... to illustrate Linnaeus's System . . .,' London, 1788, 8vo, the plates drawn and engraved by F. P. Nodder. 11. 'The Language of Botany ... a Dictionary of Terms,' London, 1793, 12mo, 2nd edit. 1796, 3rd edit, in 8vo, 1807. 12. 'Flora Rustica,' London, 1792-1794, 4 vols. 8vo, issued in numbers, with engravings by Nodder, but discontinued after 144 plants had been figured. 13. 'The Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary,' by Philip Miller [q. v.], London, 1807, 4 vols, fol.

Martyn also wrote papers in the 'Linnean Transactions,' one on Pozzolana earth, in 'Tracts ... by a Society of Gentlemen of the University of Cambridge,' 1784; three on weeds, in the 'Museum Rusticum,' vols, v. and vi., 1765-6, some issued anonymously, under the initials P. B. C. (Professor Botanices Cantabrigiensis), as were some other articles, chiefly reviews.

[Memoirs of John Martyn, F.R.S., and of Thomas Martyn ... by George Cornelius Gorham, B.D., London, 1830,8vo; Nichols's Literary Anecdotes, iii. 156, and Literary Illustrations, v. 752; Gent. Mag. 1825, pt. ii. p. 85.]

G. S. B.

MARTYN, WILLIAM (1562–1617), lawyer and historian, baptised at St. Petrock's, Exeter, 19 Sept. 1562, was the eldest son of Nicholas Martyn of Exeter, by his first wife, Mary, daughter of Lennard Yeo of Hatherleigh. They were married on 19 Oct. 1561, and were both buried at St. Petrock's, Exeter, he on 24 March 1598-9, and she on 26 Sept. 1576. The son, after having been sent to the grammar school at Exeter, matriculated at Broadgates Hall (afterwards Pembroke College), Oxford, in the autumn of 1581 (Clark, Register, vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 99), where, according to Wood, he 'laid an excellent foundation in logic and philosophy.' He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in 1589, and from 1605 to 1617 held the office of recorder of Exeter. On 7 April 1617 he died at Exeter, and was buried in St. Petrock's Church on 12 April, the inscription which was placed to his memory having been defaced in Wood's time. He married at St. Petrock's, on 28 Nov. 1585, Susan, daughter of Thomas Prestwood of Exeter, by whom he had three sons, Nicholas, William, and Edward, and one daughter, Susan, who married Peter Bevis of Exeter. She was buried at All Hallows, Goldsmith Street, Exeter, on 30 Jan. 1605-6. Martyn married for his second wife Jane, daughter of Henry Huishe of Sands in Sidbury, Devonshire. His eldest son, Nicholas, succeeded to his father's estate of Oxton in Kenton, was knighted at Newmarket, February 1624—1625, elected as member for Devonshire on 23 June 1646, and died on 25 March 1653-4.

Martyn was the author of 'The Historie and Lives of the Kings of England from William the Conqveror vnto the end of the Raigne of Henrie the Eight,' 1615, contain-