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of Sciences at Paris, the Imperial Academy ‘Naturæ Curiosorum,’ and the academies of Stockholm, Upsal, Turin, Lisbon, Philadelphia, and New York. His name was commemorated by Dryander and Salisbury in Aiton's ‘Hortus Kewensis’ by the genus Smithia, a small group of sensitive leguminous plants. His library and collections, including those of Linnæus, were offered by his executors to the Linnean Society for 4,000l., and ultimately bought by private subscription for 3,000l., and presented to the society.

There is a bust of Smith by Chantrey at the Linnean Society's apartments, an engraving from which forms the frontispiece of the ‘Memoir;’ another engraving, by Audinet, appeared in the ‘Gentleman's Magazine’ for 1828, and was reissued with the date 1831 in Nichols's ‘Literary Illustrations,’ vol. vi., and there is a folio engraving in Thornton's ‘Temple of Flora.’

Smith was the author of several hymns in the collection used in the Octagon Chapel, Norwich, of which he was a deacon at the time of his death. He contributed a paper ‘On the Irritability of Vegetables’ (to the ‘Philosophical Transactions’); ‘De Filicum generibus’ (to the ‘Memoirs of the Turin Academy,’ 1790–1, pp. 401–22); fifty-two papers to the ‘Transactions of the Linnean Society,’ vols. i.–xiii., and a slight memoir of John Ray [q. v.] to Derham's ‘Memorials’ of Ray in 1846. The following are his independent works: 1. ‘Reflections on the Study of Nature,’ translated from Linnæus's preface to his ‘Museum Regis Adolphi Frederici,’ London, 1785, 8vo; Dublin, 1786. 2. ‘Dissertation on the Sexes of Plants, from the Latin of Linnæus,’ London, 1786, 8vo; Dublin, 1786. 3. ‘Dissertatio quædam de Generatione complectens,’ Leyden, 1786. 4. ‘Disquisitio de Sexu Plantarum cum annot. J. E. Smith et P. M. A. Broussonet,’ from Linné's ‘Amœnitates Academicæ,’ vol. x., London, 1787, 8vo. 5. ‘Introductory Discourse on the Rise and Progress of Natural History,’ from the ‘Transactions of the Linnean Society,’ i. 1–56, London, 1791, 4to, translated into Italian by G. Fontana, Pavia, 1792, 8vo, and into Greek, with notes, by Demetrios Poulos, 1807, 8vo. 6. ‘Reliquiæ Rudbeckianæ,’ London, 1789, fol. 7. ‘Plantarum Icones hactenus ineditæ,’ three fasciculi, 1789, 1790, and 1791, fol., with seventy-five plates and seventy-five pages of Latin text. 8. ‘Icones pictæ Plantarum rariorum,’ three fasciculi, 1790–3, fol., with eighteen coloured plates and thirty-six pages of Latin and English text. 9. ‘English Botany,’ 36 vols. 8vo, 1790–1814, with 2,592 coloured plates by James Sowerby. 10. ‘Spicilegium Botanicum,’ two fasciculi, 1791–2, fol., with twenty-four coloured plates and twenty-two pages of Latin and English text. 11. ‘Linnæi Flora Lapponica,’ London, 1792, 8vo. 12. ‘Specimen of the Botany of New Holland,’ London, 1793, 4to, with sixteen coloured plates. 13. ‘Sketch of a Tour on the Continent,’ London, 3 vols. 8vo, 1793; 2nd edit. 1807. 14. ‘Natural History of the rarer Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia, from Observations by J. Abbot,’ 2 vols. fol. 1797, which appeared simultaneously in both English and French. 15. ‘Tracts relating to Natural History,’ London, 1798, 8vo, including reprints of 1, 2, and 5. 16. ‘Flora Britannica,’ London, 3 vols. 8vo, 1800–4; with notes by Johann Jakob Roemer, and additional English localities by L. W. Dillwyn, Zurich, 1804–5. 17. ‘Compendium Floræ Britannicæ,’ 1800; 2nd edit. 1816; 3rd edit. 1818; 5th edit. 1828; ‘in usum Floræ Germanicæ,’ Erlangen, 1801. 18. ‘Exotic Botany,’ London, 2 vols. 8vo and 4to, 1804–1805, with 120 coloured plates by Sowerby. 19. ‘Flora Græca,’ vols. i.–vii. fol. 1806–28. 20. ‘Prodromus Floræ Græcæ,’ 2 vols. 8vo, 1806, 1813. 21. ‘Introduction to Physiological and Systematic Botany,’ London, 1807, 8vo; 2nd edit. 1809; 3rd edit. 1814; 4th edit. 1819; 5th edit. 1825; 6th edit. 1827; 7th edit., edited by W. J. Hooker, 1833; another, edited by William Macgillivray, 1838; American edit., with notes by J. Bigelow, Boston, 1814, 8vo; translated into German by Joseph August Schultes, Vienna, 1819. 22. ‘Tour to Hafod,’ fol., 1810, with fifteen coloured views; only a hundred copies printed. 23. ‘Lachesis Lapponica,’ translated from Linnæus, London, 2 vols. 8vo, 1811. 24. ‘Review of the Modern State of Botany,’ chiefly taken from Linnæus's ‘Prælectiones’ as published by Giseke, from the second volume of the supplement to the ‘Encyclopædia Britannica,’ London, 1817, 4to, pp. 48, reprinted in Lady Smith's ‘Memoir,’ ii. 441–591. 25. ‘Considerations respecting Cambridge, more especially relating to the Botanical Professorship,’ 1818, 8vo. 26. ‘A Defence of the Church and Universities of England against such injudicious Advocates as Professor Monk and the Quarterly Review,’ 1819, 8vo. 27. ‘Grammar of Botany,’ 1821; 2nd edit. 1826; American edition, by H. Muhlenberg, New York, 1822; German edition, Weimar, 1822. 28. ‘Correspondence of Linnæus and other Naturalists,’ London, 1821, 2 vols. 8vo. 29. ‘English Flora,’ London, 4vols. 8vo, 1824–8. 30. ‘Compendium of the English Flora,’ London, 1829, 8vo; 2nd edit., edited by W. J. Hooker, 1836, 12mo.