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Who Perpetrated the War?

I will now turn my attention to the question, who wanted the world war: was it Germany, which strove for the supremacy of the world and thereby caused the war? Or was it England, which sought to destroy the German Navy that was being built up and which attempted to repress the development of her economic prowess out of envy against Germany? Was it England which incited France to revenge and fostered the traditional lust for expansion in Russia? Or did Russia desire and cause the war?

Frederick II, King of Prussia, inherited rich coffers and a powerful army. Silesia was a pleasant addition to his provinces, and the King felt that he was endowed with great qualities, and he sought after fame; consequently he attacked Austria.

The great Italian statesman Cavour came to the conclusion that he could only achieve the union of all tho Italians over the corpse of Austria, and he therefore sought an excuse for war, and won Napoleon III over to his projected idea of attack.

Bismarck knew that without repressing Austria it was impossible for Prussia to gain supremacy in