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24 hours; strain off the clear, and use it with a brush, hot water, and soap.

To take out Pitch, Wax Rosin, or Tar.

If any of these happen to be on a garment, pour a little oil of turpentine on it, let it soak for an hour or two, then it will crumble out like dry dirt by rubbing it between the fingers.

How to Remove Flies from Rooms.

Take two oz of quazzie chips boiled in half a pint of water, and half an ounce of sugar. Mix them well together, and place them in the room on a plate where the flies are troublesome, and they will soon disappear.

Paste for Sharpening Razors.

Take oxide of tin levigated, vulgarly termed prepared putty one ounce, sathrated solution of oxalic acid, of sufficient quantity to form a paste. This composition is to be rubbed over the strop, and when dry a little water may be added. The axalic acid having a great attachment for iron, a little friction with this powder gives fine edge to the razor.

How to take Ink out of Mahogany.

Dilute half a tea spoonful of oil of vitriol with a large spoonful of water, and touch the part with a feather; watch it, for if it stays too long it will leave a white mark, It is therefore better to rub it quick, and retreat it if not removed.

For dipping Black Silks when they appear rusty, or the colour faded.

For a silk dress, your own discretion must be used,