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red, add barrilla, alkaline lye, or potash, which will redden it.

To make a Bright Red with the same Ingredients.

Instead of adding pearl ash to your liquor, take out your goods, and put in half a wine glass of the solution (illegible text)tin—stir it up, put your goods in again, and boil them half an hour; take them out again and add half pint more archil, and as much more of the solution (illegible text)tin; put in your goods again, and boil them for ten minutes ; take them out, and rinse in cold water.

A pretty Hair Brown.

If the article to be dyed is a silk pelisse, fill your (illegible text)per full of rain water; when it boils put in a quarter of a pound of chipped fustic, two ounces of madder, one ounce of sumach, and half an ounce of camwood, (illegible text) if not required to be scoured, the camwood may be omitted. These should boil half an hour, but they may not boil two hours, that the ingredients may be all incorporated, and which should be the case with gowns and all colours where two or three are mixed together. The copper must then be cooled down by pouring in cold water; the goods may then be put (illegible text) and simmered gently from half an hour to an hour. If this colour should seem to want darkening or saddening it may be done by taking out your goods, then adding a small quantity of old black liquor, or, for want of black liquor, a small piece of green copperas may be used; rinse in two or three waters, then hang up to dry.