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Plate II.
1911 Britannica-Bible-Latin Bible.png 1911 Britannica-Bible-Wycliffite Version.png
Fig. 7.—13th Century Latin Bible. (From copy belonging to Robert de Bello,
abbot of St Augustine’s, Canterbury. British Museum
Fig. 8.—Early Wycliffite Version. (From copy belonging to Thomas of Woodstock, duke of
Gloucester, written towards the end of 14th century. British Museum.

1911 Britannica-Bible-Line Bible.png 1911 Britannica-Bible-Tyndale.png
Fig. 9.—The 42-Line Bible. (Printed at Mainz, 1452-6. British Museum.)
Fig. 10.—Tyndale’s Quarto Edition of New Testament. (Printed by P. Quentel, Cologne, 1525,
from the only remaining fragment, in British Museum.

1911 Britannica-Bible-English Bible.png 1911 Britannica-Bible-Authorized Version.png
Fig. 11.—First printed English Bible, 1535. (British Museum.) Fig. 12.—First Edition of the Authorized Version, 1611. (British Museum.)