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Dali or Editors, Publishers, &c.


1856 P. Singer and W. W. Lloyd (Bell), IO vols. Izmo.

1857 W. Rev. A. Dyce (Maxon), 6 vols. 8vo, zd ed., 1864-67. 1857-60 W. R. G. White (Boston, U.S.), 12 vols. cr. 8vo. 1858-60 W. H. Staunton, 3 vols. roy. 8vo, illustrated by Sir I. Gilbert.” 1860 W. Mrs. Cowden Clarke (N.Y.), 2 vols. roy. 8vo.

136346 W. W. G. Clark, J. Glover and W. A. Wright, “Cambndge ed, ,” 9 vols. 8vo.

1854 P. ]'. B. Marsh, “Reference ed., ” large 8vo.

X865-6g P. C.1and M. C. Clarke (Cassell), illustrated by H. C. Seloqs, 3 vols. a. Bvo.

1871 &¢ P. H. H. Fumess, “Variorum ed.” (Phi1.), vols. 1-16, 8vo in progress. 1372-74 P. C. Knight, “Im erial, " 4 vols. imp. 4to, plates. 1874 W. W. G. Clark am? W. A. Wright, “Globe, ” sm. 8vo. 1875 W. S. Neil, “Library Shakespeare” (Mackenzie), 3 vols. 4to, illus. 1876 W. G. L. Duyckinck (Phi1.), large 8vo, illus.

1877 &c. P. A. A. Paton, “Hamnet ed., ” 8vo, ISI folio text, spellmg modernized. 1877 W. N. Delius (F. ]. Furnivall), “Leopold” Shakespeare, 4to. 1878 W. J. S. Hart, “ Avon ed.” (Phil), large 8vo, portraits. 1881 W. Rev. H. N. Hudson, “Harvard ed.” (Boston, U.S.), zo vols. Izmo. 1383 - P. C. Wordsworth, “ Historical Plays, ” 3 vols. sm. 8vo. 1883 W. R. G. White, “ Riverside ed.” (Camb., Mass.), 3~vols. 8vo. 1884 W. Rolle's “Friendly ed, ,” zo vols. I6mo (N.Y.).

18S7»9o W. Sir H. Irving and F. A. Marshall, “H. Irving ed., ” 8 vols. 4to. 1888'92 P. ]. A. lvinrgan, “Bankside ed., ” orig. players' text (N.Y. S. Soc.), zo vo s.

1889 W. “Bedford ed., ” N.Y., 12 vols. 8vo, ”

I8Ql*Q3 W. W. A. Wright, “Cambridge ed., ” 9 vols. 8vo; also 1893-95, 40 vols. sm. 8vo.

18<;4~96 W. I. Gollancz, “Temple ed., ” 40 vols. sm. 8vo. 1899-1993 W. C. H. Herford, “Eversley ed., ” 10 vols. 8vo. 1899-1992 W. I. Dennis, “Chiswick ed., ” ill. by Byam Shaw, 39 vols. sm. 8vo. 1899 &c, P. W. J. Craig, “Arden ed., ” each play separate editor. 1901-4 W. W. E. Henley (and W. Raleigh), “Edinburgh folio ed., ” IO vols. 1906-9 W. S. Lee, “ Univ. Press S. Renaissance ed., ” 40 vols. 1997 &c. W. F. J. Fumivall, “Old Spelling S” (I. Gollancz, S. Lib.). 1907 &c. P. J. A. Morgan, “Bankside-Restoration S.” (N.Y. S. Soc). G. Steevens, Twenty of the Plays, 1766, 4 vols. 8vo, contains reprints of the early editions. 48 vols. of the quartos were facsimiled by E. W. Ashbee (1866-71), under the superintendence of Halliwell; photo-lithographic reproductions of early

editions by Griggs and Praetorius, with introductions by Furnivhll, &c., 1883'Q, 43 vols. 4to.]


J. R. Pitman, The School S., 1822, Svc; B. H. Smart, S. Readings, 1839, Izmo; Howell, Select Plays, 1848, xzmo, Roman Catholic; C. Kean, Selections, as at the Princess' Theatre, 1860, 2 vols. sm. 8vo; T. and Rev. S. G. Buliinch, S. adapted, /or Reading Classes and the Family, Boston, 1865, Izmo; W. A. Wright, Select Plays, 1869-86, 14 vols. sm. 8vo; ]. W. S. Hows, Historical S.ian Reader, N.Y., 1870, 8vo; R. J. Lane (editor), C. Kemble's S. Readings, 1870, sm. 8vo; R. Baughan, Plays, Abridged and Revised /or Girls, IB7I, 8vo; H. N. Hudson, Playx, Selected, Boston, 1872, 3 vols. sm. 8vo; H. Cundell, The Boudoir S., 1876, 77, 3 vols, 8vo, eight plays for reading aloud; H. C. Bowen, S. Reading Bank, 1881, 3 pts. 8vo. seventeen plays for schools and reading aloud; S. Brandram, Selected Plays, abridged for the Young, 1882, sm. 8vo; C. M. Yonge, S.'s Plays for Schools, 1883-85, live plays abridzed and annotated; M. A. Woods, Scene: from S. for use in Schools, 1898, Sze., 8vo; Lamb, S. for the Young (I. Gollaucz, S. Lib.) 1908, &c., based on Lamb's Tales from S.

III. P1uNc11>A1. Truusmrroxs or Woxxs

German.-C. M. Wieland, 1762'66, 8 vols. 8vo; I. Eschenburg, 1775-82, 13 vols. 8vo; A. W. v. Schlegel, 1707-ISIC, 9 vols. 8vo; Sch egel-Eschenburg, 1810-12, zo vols. 8vo; J. H. and H, and A. Voss, 1818-19, 9 vols. 8vo; J. W. O. Benda, 1825-26, 19 vols. 16mo; J. Meyer and H. Diiring, 1824-54, 52 ts. 18mo; Schlegel-Tieck, I8z5»33, 9 vols. lamo; P, Kaufmann, 1830-36, 4 vols. Izmo; Ortlepp, 1838-39,8vols. I2l'1'10§ SCll€g€l-Tieck-Ulrici, 1867-71, 12 vols. 8vo; Dingelstedt, W. Jordan and others, 1865-70, 9 vols. 8vo; F. Bodenstedt and others, 1867-71, 5th ed. 1890,9vo1s. 8vo; Schlegel-Tieck-Bernays, IS7!-73, X2 vols. sm. 8vo; Schlege1~Gundolf, 1908, &c. French.-Letourneur, 1776-82, zo vols. 8vo; Letourneur-Guizot, 1821, 13 vols. 8vo; B. Laroche, 1838-39, 2 vols. ro . 8vo; Francisque-Michel, 1839-40, 3 vols. roy. 8vo; F. Victor Hugo (ils, 1859-66, 18 vol; 8vo; Guizot, 1860-62, 8 vols. 8vo; E. Montégut, 1868-73, 10 vols. Izmo; G. Duval, 1908-9, 8 vols. 8vo; J. H. Rosny, 1909, &c. Italian.-M. Leoni, 1814-15, 8 vols. 8vo; C. Rusconi, 1838, 8vo; C. Pasqualigo, 1870, &c.; G. Carcano, 1875-82, 12 vols. 8vo. Spanixh.-Marqués de Dos Hermanos, 1812-77, 3 vols. 8vo; J. Clark, 1870-74, 5 vols. (only IO plays); G. Macpherson, ISSX. Dutch.-B. Brunius, &c., 1778-82, 5 vols. 8vo; A. S. Kok, 1872-SO, 7 vols. 8vo; L. . ]. Burgersdijk, 1886-88, 12 vols. 8vo. Danish. -Foersom and E. Lembcke, 1861-73, 18 vols. 8vo. Swedish.-C. A. Hagberg, 1847-51, 12 vols. 8vo. Bohemian.-I. Cejka, F. Doucha, &c., 1856-73, 9 vols. 8vo. Hungarian.-Dobrentei, 1824, Svc; Lemouton, 1845. &c. Polish.—I. Kefalinski and I. v. Placyd, 1S39*47, 3 vols. 8vo; S. Kozmiana. 1866, &c.; H. C. Selousa., 1875-77, 3 vols. Russian.-N.Ketschera, 184I'50, 5vols. (18 plays); P.A.Kanshin, I8Q3, I2V0lS. (complete works).


A.-General Works.

T. Rymer, The Tragedies of the Lasl Age, 1678, 8vo, and A Short View of Tragedy, 1693, 8vo; C. Gildon, “Some Reflections on Mr Rymer” (in Miscellaneaux Lectures, 1694, 8vo); J. Dennis, The Impartial Critic, 1692, 4to, and Essay on the Genius and Writings of S., 1112, 8vo; Z. Grey, Word or Two af Advice to W. Warburton, 1746, 8vo, Free and Familiar Letter la W. Warburton, 1750, 8vo, Remarks an [Warburlon's] Edition, 1751, 8vo, and'Crilical, Historical, and Explanatory Notes, 1754, 3rd ed. 1755, 2 vols. 8vo; S. Johnson, Propoxagfor a New Edition (1746), folio, 1765, 8vo; E. Capell. Nate; and Various Readings tu ., 1759, 410 (1779-80), 3 vols. 4to; P. Nichols, The Castrated Letter of Sir T. Hanmer, 1763, 8vo; Prefaces by Dr Johnxnn, Pape, Theobald, Era., 1765. 8vo; W. Kenrick, Review of Dr Johnxnrfs New Edition, 1765, 8vo, and Defence, 1766; G. Steevens, Proposals far Printing a New Edition, 1766, Svo; Mrs Eliz. Montagu, Esxa /an Writings and Genius afS., 176q,8vo, frequently reprinted; W. Kenrick, Introduction lo the School of S., 1775, 8vo; Mrs Eliz. Grifiiths, Morality of S.'s Drama. 1775, 8vo; Voltaire, Letlre a l'Acad<'mie, 1776, 8vo, on Letourneur's translation; J. Baretti, Discnurs sur S. et Voltaire, '1777, 8vo; E. Malone, Supplement to the Edition of 1778, 178O, 2 vols. 8vo, Second Appendix, 1783, Svc; J. Ritson, Remarks on /he Text and Notes of [Sleevens's 1778] edilian, 1783, 8vo; T. Davies, Dramatic Miscellanies, 1783-84, izvols. 8vo; ]'. M. Mason, Comments on the Last Edition, 1785, 8vo; T. Whately, emarlas an some of the Characters, 1785 8vo, new edition by Archbishop Whately, 1859, Izmo; J. J. Eschenburg, Verxueh $., Leipzig 1787, 8vo; J. Ritson, The Quip Modest, 1788, 8vo; S. Felton, Imperfect Hints towards a New Edition of S., 1787-SS, 2 pts. 4to; A. Eccles, Illustralians and Variorurn Comments on Lear, Cymbeline, and Merchant of Venice 1792-1805, 3 vols. nmo; E. Malone, Letter tu R. Farmer, 1792, 8vo; J. Ritson, cursory Criticism an Malone's Edition, 1792, 8vo; E. Malone, Prospectus af an Edition in 15 vols. roy. 8110, 1792, 4to; Bishop Percy, Origin of the English Stage, 1795, 8vo; Malone, Proposals for an Intended Edition in 20 vols. roy. 81141, 1795, folxo; W. Rlchardson, Essays on some of S.'s Dramatic Characters, 1797, 1812, 8vo, reprint of separate pieces; Lord Chedworth, Noles on some Obscure Passages, 1805, 8vo, privately prlnted; E. H. Seymour, Remarks an the Plays of S., 1805, 2 vols. 8vo; F. Douce, Illustrations of S. and Ancient Manners, 1807, 2 vols. 8vo, new edition 183Q, 8vo; H. J. Pye, Comments on the Commentators, 1807, 8vo; J. M. Mason, Comments on the several Editions, 1807, 8vo; C. (and M.) Lamb, Talesfram S., 1807, 2 vols. Izmo, plates, frequently translated and reprinted; A. Becket, S. himself again, I8I§ , 2 vols. 8vo; W. Hazlitt, Characters of S.'s Plays, l8X7,8V0, new edition 1873; N. Drake, S. and his Times, 1817, zvols. 4to, and Memorials of S., 1828; Z. Jackson, S.'s Genius Juxtijied, Examples of 70:1 Errors in his Plays, 1819, 8vo; [Variorum] Annotations Illustrative of the Plays aj S., 1819, 2 vols. I2!Il0, published with Scholey's edition; W. Hazlitt, Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of the Age uf Elizabeth, 1820, 8vo; R. Bowdler, Letter to Editor of British Critic, 1823, 8vo, defends omissions; T. P. Courtenay, Commentaries upon lhe Historical Plays of S., 1840, 2 vols. sm. 8vo; K. Sybrandi, Verhandelinfr over Vondel en S., Haarlem, 1841, 4to; Rev. A. Dyce, Remarks on Collier's and Kn'~;.hl's Editions, 1844, 8vo; J. Hunter, New Illustralions of S., 1845, 2 vols. 8vo; G. Flertner, Studies of S., 1847, Svo; L. Tieck, Dramaturgische Blfitler, zd ed. 1848-52, 3 vols. 8vo; H. N. Hudson, Lectures on S., N.Y., 1848, 2 vols. 8vo; C. Knight, Studies of S., 1849, 8vo; S. T. Coleridge, Notes and Lectures upon S., ére., 1849, 2 vols. sm. 8vo, and Lectures and Note: on S., by T. Ashe, 1883, sm. 8vo; J. Britton, Essay on the Merit and Characleristics of S.'s Writings, 1849, roy. 8vo; K. Simrock, Remarks an the Plots ag S.'s Plays (Shakespeare Society), 1850 8vo; Rev. T. Grinfield, Moral Influence of s Plays, 1850, Svo; V. E. P. Chasles, Eltudes sur W. S., Marie Stuart, et l'Arélin, 1851, 18mo; F. A. T. Kreyssig, Vorlexungen S., 1858-60, 3 vols., 3rd ed., 1876, 2 vols. 8vo, and S. Fragen, Leipzig, 1871, 8vo; [O'Connel1], New Exegesis af S., 1859, 8vo; S. Jervis, Proposed Emendationx of S., 2nd ed. 1861, 8vo; R. Cartwright, The Footsteps rgS., 1862, 8vo, New Readings in S., 1866, 8vo, and Pa>perx on S., 1877, 8vo; G, G. ervinus, S. Commentaries translated, 1863, 2 vols., new editlon revised 1875, 8vo; S. Bailey, The received Text of S.'s Dramatic Writings, 1862-66, 2 vols. 8vo; C. C. Clarke, S. Characters, chiefly those Subordinate, 1863, 8vo; H Marggraff, W. S. als Lehrer der Menxchheit, Leipzig, 1864, 16mo; ]'. H. Hackett, Nales and Comments, N.Y., 1864, sm. 8vo; A. Meziéres, S. ses wuvres et ses criti ues, 1865, 8vo; H. Wellesley, Stray Notes on the Text of S., 1865, 4to; A. M. L. de €l..amart.ine, S. el son aeuure, 1865, 8vo; W. L. Rushton, S. illustrated by old Authors, 1867-68, 2 pts. 8vo; T. Keightley, The S. Expvsitor, 1867, sm. 8vo; B. Tschischwitz, S. Forschungen, 1868, 3 vols. 8vo; F. Jacox, S. Diversions, 1875-77, 2 vols. 8vo; H. v. Friesen, Das Buch: S. v. Gervinux, Leipzig, 1869, 8vo, S. Sludien, Vienna, 1874~76, ' 2 vols. 8vo; H. T. Hall, Shakexpearian Fly Leaves, 1874, 8vo; K. R. Proelss, Erlaulerungen, Leipzig, 1874-78, (f)tS. 1-6, sm. 8vo, including Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Merchant of Venice, Much A o, &c., Richard II., Romeo and Juliet; C. W. H. G. v. Riimelin, S. Studien, :nd ed., Stuttg., 1874, 8vo; R. A. C. Hebler, Aufsatze db. S., and ed., Bern, 1874, 8vo; F. ]. Furnivall, The Succession af S.'s Works and the Uses of Melrical Tests, 1874, 8vo; O. Ludwig, S. Sludien, 1874, 8vo; E. Dowden, S.: a Critical Study of his Mind and Ari, 1875, 11th ed. ISQ1, 8vo; C. M. Ingleby, S. Hermeneutics, :875, 4t0, S., the Man and the Book, 1877-81, zspts. 4to, and Occasional Papers an S., 1881, sq. Iémo; F. K. Elze, Abhandlungen zu ., 1877, 8vo and Essays on S., translated, 1874, 8vo; E. Hermann, Drei S. Sludien, Erlangen, 1877-79, 4 pts. sm. Svc, Weitere Beilrage, ib., 1881, sm. 8vo; H. H. Vaughan, New Readings and New Renderings of S.', ° Tragedies, 1878-86, 3 vols. 8vo; F. G. Fleay, S. Manual, 1878, sm. 8vo; J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps, Notes and Memoranda [on 4 Playsl, 1868-So, 4 pts., 8vo, and Memoranda [on 12 Playsl, 1879-80, 7 pts. 8vo; A. C. Swinburne, A Sludlg of S., 1880, 3rd ed. 1895, Svo; D. J. Snider, System of S.'s Dramas, 1880, 8vo; F. A. emble, Nates on some of S.'s. Plays, 1882, 8vo; H. Giles, Human Life in S., Boston, 1882, Izmo; B. G. Kinnear, Cruces Shakespearianae, 1883, sm. 8vo; C. C. Hense, S. Studien, Halle, 1883, 8vo; F. Brincker, Poetik S.'s in den Rémerdramen, 1884, 8vo; A. S. G. Canning, Thoughts on S.'s Historical Plays, 1884, Svo; New Study of S., 1884, 8vo; I. W. Hales, Noles and Essays on S., 1884, srn. 8vo; I. Feis, S. and Monlaigne, 1884, sm. 8vo; Sir P. Perring, Hara Knots in S., 1885, 8vo; F. A. Leo, S. Nates, 1885, 8vo; R. G. Moulton, S. as a Dramatic Artist, 1885, 3rd ed. IS97, 8vo; R. G. White, Studies in S., Boston, 1885, 8vo; J. Brown, Réperloire de S., 1885, sm. 8vo; E. Rossi, Sludii drammatici, Firenze, 1885, sm. 8vo; C. H. Hawkins (ed.), Nodes S.ianae (Winchester Coll. S. Soc.), 1887; E. Reichel, S. Litter/zlur, 1887, 8vo; G. Dawson, S and other Leclures, 1888, 8vo; F. I. Fumivall, Modern S.ean Criticism, 1888, 8vo; W. T. Thom, S. and Chaucer Examinations, 1 88, Svo; R. Beyersdorlf, Giordano Bruno und S., 1889, 4to; C. Ransome, Short Studies of S.'s Plots, 1890, 8vo; H. v. Basedow, Charaktere und Temperamente, 1893, 8vo; T. Ten Brink, S..'f1271f Vorlesungen. 1893, 8vo; trausl. by J. Franklin, 1895, 8vo; H. Bulthaupt, S. und d. Naturalismns, Welmar, 1893, 8vo; E. Dowden, Introzi. Io S., 1893, sm. 8vo; T. S. Baynes, S Studies, 1894, 8vo; B. Wendell, W. S., a. Study in Elizabethan Literature, 1894, 8vo; W. Winter, S.'s England, N.Y., 1894, new ed., 1910, 8vo; V. F. Ianssen, S. Stgulien, 1897, 8vo; T. F. Ordlsh, S.'s London, 1897, sm. 8vo; I. M. Robertson, Montaigne and S., 1897, 8vo; G. Brandes, S., transl., 1898, 2 vols. 8vo; L. Kellner, S., 1900, 8vo; A. H. Thorndike, The Influence of Beaumont and Fletcher on S., Worc. (U.S.), 1901, 8vo; R. G. Moulton, The Moral System of S., 1903, 8vo; M. J. Wollf, W. S. Sludien und Aufsdlze, 1903, 8vo; T. Seccombe and J. W. Allen, The Age of S., 1903, 2 vols. 8vo; A. C. Bradley, S.ean Tragedy, 1 04, 8vo; I. C. Collins, Studies in S., 1904, sm. 8vo; S. A. Brooke, On Ten Plays a f9S., 1905, 8vo; A. P. Wright, Children of $., IQOS, 8vo; H. I. Stephenson, S.'s London, 1905, sm. 8vo; F. W. Kxlbourne, Alterations and Adaptations of S., Boston (U.S.), 1906, sm. 8vo; T. R. Lounsbury, The Text of S., at: History, 1906, 8vo; E. H. Griggs, S.: aHandboak, 1907, 8vo; W. Ralexgh, S. (Engl. Men of Letters), 1907, sm. 8vo; Count L. N. Tolstoi, S. and the Drama, transl., 1907, 8vo; I. Kohler, Verbrecher-Typen in S.'s Dramen, Berliné1907}, 8vo; G. F. Boardman, S.:Five Lectures, 1908, 8vo; B. A. Goll, Verbrecher bei ., 1908, 8vo; C. F.']olmson, S. and his Critics, 1909, 8vo; A. C. Swinburne, Three Plays af S., 1999, sm. 8vo; and S. (written in 1905), 1900, sm. Svo; Carlyle, Emerson and Goethe On S. (De la More Booklets), 3 vols.; F. E. Schelling, Engl. Lil. during Lifetime of S., 1910, 8vo.

B.-Special Works on Separate Plays, €~:r'c., with Dates uf Early Quartos.

A1l's Well that Ends Well (1st ed. in F. 1, 1623): H. v. Hagen, Ub. die allfranzas. Vorstufe des Lustspieles, Halle, 1879, 8vo. Antony and Cleopatra (1st ed. in F. 1). As You Like It (1st ed. in F. I.): W. Whiter, .Speeimen of a Cammentary, 1794, 8vo; A. O. Kellogg, Jacquex, Utica, 1865, 8vo; C. Sheldon, Notes, 1877, 8vo; T. Stothard. S.'s Seven Ages Illustralred, 1799, folio; I. Evans, S.'s Seven Ages, 3d ed., 1834, Izmo; I. W. Jones, Origin af the Division of Man's Life into Stages, 1861, 4to; C. Sernler, S.'s Wie es euch gefdllt, 1899, 8vo. Comedy of Errors (1st ed. in F. I): F. Lang, S.'s Comedy of Errors, 1909, 8vo. Coriolanus (1st ed. in F. I): F. A. Leo, Die Delius'sche Ausgabe kritisch beleuchtet, Berlin, 1861 8vo; F.von Westenholz, Die Tragik in S.'s Corialanus, Stuttgart, 1895, 8vo. Cymlaeline (1st ed. in F. 1): K. Elze, Letter to C. M. lngleby, 1885, 8vo; R. Ohle, S.'s Cymbeline uf. seine romanischen Vorlaufer, 1890, 8vo. Hamlet (Q.I, 1603; Q,2, 1604; Q.3, 1605, ; Q.4, 161 1; Q.5, n.d.; gb, 1637): L. Theobald, S. Restored, 1726, 4to, devoted to Hamlet; Slr T. Hanmer, ome Remarks on Hamlet, 1736, Svo, reprinted 1863, sm. 8vo' Plumgtre, Observations

on Hamlet, and Appendix, 1796-1797, 2 pts. 8vo; F. L. § c midt, ammlung der