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region of Sinde, or China.[1] It contained at this early period a Christian church and community, under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Persia.[2] The port of Adulis was frequented by the ships of Alexandria and Ela,[3] which returned laden with the produce of the frankincense country,[4] and the gold of Sasus.[5] Three days' journey from Adulis, and five from Auxuma, was the town of Koloë, the grand emporium of ivory, and of the wealth of the interior.[6] The trade, however, between the Auxumites and the Romans, at least after the removal of the seat of

  1. Εξ ὁλης δε της Ινδικης και Περσιδος και Αιθιοπιας δεχεται ἡ νησος πλοια πολλα, μεση τις ουσα, ὁμοιους και εκπεμπει . . . . εστι γαρ και αυτη μεγα εμποριον ὁμοιως και Σινδου, ενθα ὁ μοσχος η το καστοριν, και το ανδροσταχυν, και τῃ Περσιδι, και τῳ Ὁμηριτῃ, και τῃ Αδουλῃ, κ.τ.λ. Id. p. 337.
  2. Εχει δε ἡ αυτη νησος και εκκλησιαν των επιδημουντων Περσων Χριστιανων, και πρεσβυτερον απο Περσιδος χειροτονουμενον, και διακονον, και πασαν την εκκλησιαστικην λειτουργιαν. Id. ib. We are told by Sophronius that Christianity was introduced into this island by the Eunuch of Candace — Ευνουχος Κανδακης . . . και εν Ταπροβανῃ νησῳ εν τῃ Ερυθρᾳ εκηρυξε το ευαγγελιον του Κυριου. In the time of the Nubian geographer Al Edrisi, there were still Christians remaining both in Sarandib or Ceylon (p. 32), and in Socotora (p. 23).
  3. Cosmas, lib. ii. p. 140.
  4. Εστι δε ἡ χωρα ἡ λιβανοτοφορος εις τα ακρα της Αιθιοπιας, μεσογειος μεν ουσα, τον δε Ωκεανον επεκεινα εχουσα. Id. p. 138.
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  6. Arrian, Peripl. Eryth. Mar. p. 3. A curious account of the trade between Ethiopia and the interior of Africa will be found in Cosmas, p. 139.