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Only 'twixt the light and shade
Floating memories of my maid
Make me pray for Guendolen.


I kiss thee, new-found name; but I will never go:
Your hands need never grip the hammer'd sword again,
But all my golden hair shall ever round you flow,
Between the light and shade from Golden Guendolen.

Afterwards, in the Palace

King Sebald

I took my armour off,
Put on king's robes of gold,
Over her kirtle green
The gold fell fold on fold.

The Witch, out of hell

Guendolen ! Guendolen !
One lock of hair!


I am so glad, for every day
He kisses me much the same way
As in the tower; under the sway
Of all my golden hair.

King Sebald

We rode throughout the town,
A gold crown on my head,
Through all the gold-hung streets,
"Praise God!" the people said.