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Sir Galahad, a Christmas Mystery


Third Lady, buckling on the spurs

That I may kneel while up above you stand,
And gaze at me, O holy Galahad,
I, Lucy, am most glad.

Fourth Lady, putting on the basnet

O gentle knight,
That you bow down to us in reverence,
We are most glad, I, Katherine, with delight
Must needs fall trembling.

Angel, putting on the crossed surcoat

Galahad, we go hence,
For here, amid the straying of the snow,
Come Percival's sister, Bors, and Percival.
[The Four Ladies carry out the bed,
and all go but Galahad.


How still and quiet everything seems now:
They come, too, for I hear the horsehoofs fall.

Enter Sir Bors, Sir Percival, and his Sister

Fair friends and gentle lady, God you save!
A many marvels have been here to-night;
Tell me what news of Launcelot you have,
And has God's body ever been in sight.