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When the first volume of this translation was printed, the proof-reading had progressed so little beyond that point that my acknowledgement of the assistance rendered me by certain persons was necessarily partial and imperfect.

Now that I have read for the last time the last word of the proof of the last page, I feel impelled to repeat with in- creased earnestness the expression of my profound gratitude to Mrs. Stewart, who has read, literally, every galley proof of the four volumes, and has, in addition, done work of in- estimable value on the page proofs. And in justice to the whole proof-reading staff of the Harvard University Press, nearly every member of which has been involved to some extent in this labor, I can but recognise gratefully the interest and willing coöperation of all.

I am increasingly indebted to my good friend Evans, who has so generously given to the proofs of the later volumes the same painstaking expert scrutiny that he bestowed on volume one.

Even less is it possible for me to release my grasp upon this work of more than twelve years without a further word concerning Miss Norton's part in it. Throughout the long task of reading the proofs, I have been constantly reminded of my incalculable obligation to her for her never-failing assistance and encouragement, and I am more conscious to-day than ever of the very great value of her contribution to the work.

Salem, Massachusetts
2 November, 1925