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BOOK ONE. XX. THE COCK AND THE PEARL. ^^ A COCK scratched up, one day, A pearl of purest ray, Which to a jeweller he bore. ' I think it fine,' he said ;

  • But yet a crumb of bread

To me were worth a great deal more.' So did a dunce inherit A manuscript of merit, Which to a publisher he bore.

  • 'T is good,' said he, * I 'm told ;

Yet any coin of gold To me were worth a ^reat deal more.' XXI. THE HORNETS AND THE BEES.*'

  • The artist by his work is known.' —

A piece of honeycomb, one day, Discovered as a waif and stray, The hornets treated as their own. Their title did the bees dispute, And brought before a wasp the suit* The judge was puzzled to decide, , For nothing could be testified,