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PREFACK lO THE PRESENT EDITION. XV THE CAT AND THE THRUSH. A Thrush that sang one rustic ode Once made a garden his abode, And gave the owner such delight, He grew a special favourite. Indeed, his landlord did his best To make him safe from every foe; The ground about his lowly nest Was undisturbed by spade or hoe. And yet his song was still the same ; It even grew somewhat more tame. At length Grimalkin spied the pet. Resolved that he should suffer yet, And laid his plan of devastation So as to save his reputation ; For, in the house, from looks demure He passed for honest, kind, and pure. Professing search of mice and moles. He through the garden daily strolls. And never seeks our thrush to catch But when his consort comes to hatch. Just eats the young ones in a batch. The sadness of the pair bereaved Their generous guardian sorely grieved. But yet it could not be believed His faithful cat was in the wrong, Though so the thrush said in his song. The cat was therefore favoured still To walk the garden at his will ;