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24 THE FABLES OF LA FONTAINE. Resolved na nobleman on earth Should overgo him in the price. From which these serious lessons flow : Fail not your praises to bestow On gods and godlike men. Again, To sell the product of her pain Is not degrading to the Muse. Indeed, her art they do abuse Who think her wares to use, And yet a liberal pay refuse. Whate'er the great confer upon her, They 're honoured by it while they honour. Of old, Olympus and Parnassus In friendship heaved their sky-crowned masses. XV. DEATH AND THE A POOR unfortunate, from day to day, Called Death to take him from this world away. ' O Death,' he said, * to me how fair thy form ! Come quick, and end for me life's cruel storm.' Death heard, and, with a ghastly grin, Knocked at his door, and entered in. With horror, shivering, and affright,

  • Take out this object from my sight ! *