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And now the cannons roar
Along the affrighted shore,
Our Nelson led the way,
His ship the Vict’ry nam’d;
Long be that Vict’ry fam’d!
For vict’ry crown’d the day!
But dearly was that conquest bought.
Too well the gallant hero fought
For England, home, and beauty;
He cried, as ’midst the fire he ran—
England expects that every man
This day will do his duty.

At last the fatal wound,
Which spread dismay around,
The hero’s breast receiv’d;
Heav’n fights on our side,
The day’s our own, he cried;
Now' long enough I've liv’d!
In honour’s cause my life was past,
In honour’s cause I fall at last
For England, home, and beauty!
Thus ending life as he began,
England confess’d that ev ry man
That day had done Ids duty.


Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions are faded and gone;