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The capital of a province 省城 Sey sia
A good anchorage 好埠頭 Haw pou taou
The sea is smooth 海無涌 Hai baw eng
The five lakes 五湖 Gnou ou
The yellow river 黃河 Ng haw
To cross the canal 過港 Kuey kang
The river's side 溪邊 Koi pi
There are fish in the pond 池有魚 Ti u hur
Dig a ditch 㧕溝 Liw kaou
The well is deep 井有深 Chey u chim
The tide is very strong 水猛極 Chui mey chai
The waves are high 涌大 Eng toa
On the east 在東畔 Taw tang poi
East is opposite to west 東對西 Tang tui sai
A wise man 賢人 Gaou nang
A long neck 頸長 Am tung
Turn round the head 囘頭 Huey taou
Bow down the head 磕頭 Kăp taou
Shave the head 剃頭 Thi taou
Comb the head 梳頭 Siw taou