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Open the eyes 開目 Kui mak
Pinch the nose 捻鼻 Diem pñi
Loquacious 多話 Choi wey
Eloquent 口才 Kaou chai
Stammering 大舌 Toa chĭ
Obscene 粗口 Chou chui
A lean face 面瘦 Min san
A smiling face 笑面 Chie min
Having a reputation 有面 U min
Having lost reputation 失面 Sĭt min
A fair complexion 好面色 Haw min sĕk
A thievish hand 三隻手 Sa chiă chiw
Brothers are like hands and feet 兄弟如手足 Hia ti ju chiw chok
Strike with the fist 拳頭打 Kun taou pă
He has not yet commenced 未嘗開手 Boe cheng kui chiw
Pass from one hand to the other 左手交右手 Chia chiw kaou taw chiw
He cannot move hand or foot 脚手不能舉 Kha chiw mʼoi tin tang
He lives from hand to mouth 左手挈、右手去 Chaw chiw khiĕ,yiw chiw khur
He is always busy 脚手無時歇 Kha chiw baw si hiă
How long has your foot been sore 爾脚痛若久 Lur kha thia jiĕ ku