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First Love, or, Constancy in the Nineteenth Century.

turned to Allerton, and the town was touched to the very heart by a constancy that had stood such a test.

"Three months’ absence," as an old lady observed, "is a terrible trial." The guardians thought so too-and the marriage of Emily Worthington to Edward Rainsforth soon completed the satisfaction of the town of Allerton. During the bridal trip, the young couple were one wet day at an inn looking over a newspaper together, and there they saw—the marriage of Miss Smith with the Earl of Elmsley—and of Miss Alford with Sir John Belmore. I never heard that the readers made either of them any remark as they read. They returned to Allerton, lived very happily, and were always held up as touching instances of first love and constancy—in the 19th century.
L. E. L.