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I then again to Betsey went, once more with love attack’d her,
But meantime she got acquainted wi’ a ramping mad play-actor,
If she would have him he did say a lady he would make her,
He gammon’d her to run away, and I lost Betsey Baker.

I fretted very much to find my hopes of love so undone,
And mother thought ’twould ease my mind if I came up to London;
But tho’ I strive another way, my thoughts will ne’er forsake her,
I dream all night, and think all day of cruel Betsey Baker.


Ye Mariners of England
That guard our native seas,
Whose flag has brav’d, a thousand years,
The battle and the breeze;
Your glorious standard launch again.
To match another foe,
And sweep thro’ the deep
While the stormy tempests blow—
While the battle rages loud and long,
And the stormy tempests blow!