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8 Anmtal Report of the Council.

The objects marked with an asterisk (*) have been presented to the Society, and will in due course be placed in the Society's case at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Cambridge.

The Council are glad to think that the number of objects exhibited continues to be so well maintained. There can be no doubt that the exhibition of objects contributes very largely to the success of the meetings.

The Society has issued during the year the 1 6th volume of Folk-Lore. The Council have once more to place on record the debt of gratitude they owe to Miss Burne for editing the journal, a task which, it need hardly be said, involves an immense amount of time, trouble, and corre- spondence. The Council feel themselves fortunate in having had Miss Burne's help for so long a period. They beg to express their thanks also to Mr. Thomas for his help during Miss Burne's absence, and to Mr. A. R. Wright for preparing the index to this volume. The Council congratulate the Society on the year's volume of Folk-Lore, which contains articles which are a serious contribution to knowledge. The policy of illustrating freely has been extended with excellent results.

The Council have decided to issue as the additional volume for 1904, a collection of Jamaican Folk-Lore, entitled Jamaican Song and Story, by Mr. Walter Jekyll, a resident in the island, with a preface by Miss Alice Werner. This volume is now in the pressĀ ; but it will probably be some few months before it is in the hands of members, as the sheets have to be sent out to Mr. Jekyll in Jamaica for correction.

The additional volume for 1905 will be a collection of Popular Poetry of the Baloches, by Mr. M. Longworth Dames, which will very shortly be in the hands of the printers, and will, it is hoped, be issued to members in the course of the year. The Council of the Royal Asiatic