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1 82 Native Tribes of South- East Australia.

and 3 come into the relation of tippa-malku husband 

and wife by betrothal. The man i being the brother of 2 becomes therefore the yiviari of 3 ; 4 being the sister of 3 becomes the yiniari of 2. The English -PIRRAURU PJRRAURU ^-^ -^ PI RR AU RU^_^ NOA equivalents of yimari are " brother-in-law " and " sister- in-law." To complete the example 3 and i and 2 and 4 become pirraiirii husband and wife. The term tippa-malku will be considered later on. The term pirrauru is placed between 2 and 3 to show that were they not tippa-malku they might, being noa-mara, become so. Diagram II. Kurnai. As there are no classes in this tribe the sex only of the individual is indicated. I and 2 are brothers own or tribal ; 3 and 4 are sisters own or tribal ; i and 2 belong to a certain locality, say X ; 3 and 4 to another certain locality, say y. The people of these two localities intermarry, being also exogamous. Their system of relationships, as I have explained in "^'A/AN— BR"^ ^""■^'^A/AN — BRP Native Tribes, p. 170, produces a much larger fraternal group than that of the Dieri, including " own or tribal " brothers and sisters. The extreme instance of a tribal brother is the brogan or comrade of a man, namely one who was initiated at the same time at the Jeraeil.