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numerous to throw light on any parts of the descriptions which may fail of clearness. I have to thank Dr. Haddon, whose interest in the subject suggested this attempt, for counsel on more than one occasion, as well as for the use of material; and Miss A. Kingston, who kindly revised some of the descriptions. For all errors or defects in the latter I am responsible, having adopted, and in some cases exercised the functions of an editor in regard to, descriptions not originally mine.

The Button-hole Trick.

Pass the loop through the button-hole, extend on the thumbs.

Move the hands a little out from the body and towards each

other. Put the right little finger up into the left thumb loop

and pull the right hand string of that loop across to the right

Fig. I.

hand. Pass left hand above the right little finger loop, put left little finger up into right thumb loop and pull across the left hand string of it in a similar manner (Fig. i). Drop the right thumb loop, dip the thumb into the right little finger loop, with- draw both little fingers. Extend quickly : the thumbs being now in the same part of the loop, the free end runs out through the button-hole.

Variation. In the second move the thumb string may be drawn across under both strings of the right little finger loop. Move three is then made with the left hand.

Move three is usually introduced by " sawing " the loops back and forth to confuse the spectator.

I learnt this trick from a Bristol boy about 1869.