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List of Works 509

KoMer (J.) Zjir Urgeschichte der Ehe, Totemismus, Gruppenehe

Miitterrecht. 1897. Stuttgart. 6 Mk. Post (A. H.) Die Geschkchtsgenossenschaft der Urzeit und die

Entstehung der Ehe. 1875. Oldenburg. 3 Mk.

Smith (W. Robertson) Marriage and Kinship in Early Arabia.

1885. Camb. Press. 7s. 6d. Westermarck (E.) A History of Human Marriage. 1891.

Macmillan. 14s.

Crawley (A. L.) The Mystic Rose. 1902. Macmillan. 12s. 6d.

{b) Totem ISM, which stands in a connection as yet not clearly defined to the marriage system.

Frazer (J. G.) Totemism. 1888. Black. 3s. 6d.

. ■. Still the chief repertory of facts. Cf. also Kohler's work cited above.

Spencer (Baldwin) and J. F. Gillen, The Native Tribes of Central Australia. 1899. Macmillan. j[^\ is.

The Northern Tribes of Australia. 1904, Macmillan.

£^ IS. .•. During the last six years the discussions upon Totemism have taken an

entirely new direction, thanks to the Australian evidence brought forward

in the above two works. The three following should also be studied :

Howitt (A. W.) and Lorimer Fison, Kamilaroi and Kurnai.

1880. Melbourne. 15s. Howitt (A. W.) The Native Tribes of South-East Australia.

1904. Macmillan. jQi is.

Mathew (J.) Eagle-Hawk and Crow. 1899. Nutt. i8s,

Lang (Andrew) The Secret of the Totem. 1905. Longmans. los. 6d. .•. A discussion and examination of the Australian evidence.

Reinach (M. Salomon) articles reprinted in Mythes, Cuites, et Religions, 2 vols., Paris, 1905, 15 frcs. . •. These excellent articles deal with the subjects of sections a and b.

{c) The Origin of Offices of Distinction.

This subject is dealt with by:—

Tylor (Professor E. B.) in Researches into the Early History of Mankind;