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The Bodleian Dinnshenchas.


[37. Dubthair.]—Dubthair can[as] rohainmniged?

Ni ansa .1. id est Dubthir nGuairi maic in Daill insin, iarsindi dorigni fingail for a brathair oc Daiminis, for Dairine nDubchestach ,ac in Daill .1. a marbad[1] ar tnuth (Symbol missingsymbol characters) tha[n]gnacht, co ro leith fidh (Symbol missingsymbol characters) mothar dara ferann, conad desin asberar Dubthair.

Romarb Guairi Dare ndond
cen naire, ni rim rocholl,
mac a athar, adbal bét,
issa marbad tria drochét.[2]

The Black Land (Dub-thír) of Guaire mac in Daill ("Son of the Blind") is that. Because Guaire committed parricide at Daiminis, on his brother, on Dairíne Dubchestach, son of the Blind, slaying him out of envy and treachery. So a wood and a dark thicket spread over Guaire's land. And thence Dubthair is so called.

Guaire killed brown Daire
Without shame, he counted it not a great destruction:
His (own) father's son, an enormous offence.
Killing him through evil envy.

Also in LL. 165 b 8, 213 b 27; BB. 392 a 34; H. 51 b; Lec. 499; and R. 115 a 1.

I cannot identify this Dubthir and this Daim-inis, "ox-island". Prof. Atkinson says, Book of Leinster, contents, p. 56, col 1), that the former place is in Connaught; but from the story of Tochmarc Bec-fola, p. 176, it seems rather to be the modern Duffry, in Wexford. If so, Daim-inis can hardly be the Devenish of Lough Erne.

[38. Duiblinn.]—Duiblinn, canas rohainmni[g]ead?

Ni ansa .1. Dub ingen Roduib maic Glais Gamna roboi i fail Endai maic Noiss hi Sidh Forcarthan. Rocarastar sen Aide ingen Ochinm maic Cnucha. Ron-fitirse a mbé n-aill boi inna farrid. Doluid Aide etir fairge (Symbol missingsymbol characters) in sruth [] co rambruinded acht fo thir co ndechsat tar Cnucha

Rofairigestar Margen[e] gilla Ochindi sen.[3] Doleicc sede uball cliss[4] boi ina laim, co torchair nert in builli fuirri (Symbol missingsymbol characters) doroich[5] in tuili tairrsi. Unde Duiblind (Symbol missingsymbol characters) Ath Cliath Margene, fódeig is annsin docer a urchar hisin n-ath.

Dub ingen Roduib ri[nd]glain
maic Glais Gamna glanhidhnaig,
romertain Mairgen mer mind,
ba gilla ardmin Ochinn.

Dub, daughter of Rodub, son of Glas Gamna, was near Endae, son of Noess, in Síd Forcarthan. He loved Aíde, daughter of Ochinne, son of Conucha. Dub knew that there was another woman along with him. Aíde went between the sea and the stream . . . so that . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . over Cnucha.

  1. MS. mmarbad.
  2. MS. drochect.
  3. MS. ochid insend.
  4. MS. cnís ncliss.
  5. MS. dorroi.