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Annual Report oj the Council. 117

are glad to be able to state that these losses have been more than counterbalanced by the election of forty-three new members.

The accounts of the Society as audited are presented herewith. The balance to the credit of the Society stands at much the same figure as it did a year ago, beyond which there is a sum of £"]}, which has been advanced to the Congress Committee. Messrs. Nutt, having represented that the terms upon which they undertook to publish Folk-Lore, pursuant to their agreement with the Society which expired on December 31st, entailed a considerable loss, the Council took the matter into consideration, and resolved to increase the subsidy to Folk-Lore by ^^"50 per annum so long as the size of the Journal remains unaltered. The only practical alternative to this course was to reduce the size of Folk-Lore, which appeared to be inexpedient. This arrangement has been entered into for a year only, and will then be reconsidered.

The Council recommend as President for 1893 Mr. G. L. Gomme, F.S.A.

As Vice-Presidents — Mr. A. Lang, Dr. Tylor, Sir J. Lubbock, General Pitt-Rivers, Professor A. H. Sa}'ce, Professor Rhys, and the Hon. J. Abercromby.

As Members ofConiicil — Mr. C. J. Billson, Dr. Karl Blind, Mr. E. W. Brabrook, Miss Burne, Miss M. Roalfc Cox, Mr. J. W. Crombie, Mr. J. P. Emslie, Mr. J. J. Foster, Mr. J. G. Frazer, Dr. Gaster, Professor A. C. Haddon, Mr. E. S. Hartland, Mr. J. Jacobs, Mr. Brynmor Jones, Mr. W. F. Kirby, Mr. T. W. E. Higgcns, Mr. J. T. Naakc, Mr. A. Nutt, Mr. T. F. Ordish, and Mr. PI. B. Wheatley.

As Treasurer — Mr. E. Clodd.

As Auditors — Mr. G. L. Apperson and Mr. ¥. Green.

As Secrctarj; Mr. F. A. Milne.

G. Lauren'CE GOMyiE, President. F. A. MiLXE, Secretary,

II, Old Square,

Lincoln's Inn, W.C.