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Folk-lore Society. 1 2 1

On the motion of the President, seconded by Mr. Clodd, it was resolved that the Annual Report and Balance Sheet be received and adopted, and that the name of Mr. F. Green be added as an auditor in the place of Mr. J. Tolhurst, resigned.

The President then delivered his Annual Address, which was followed by a discussion in which Dr. Gaster and ^lessrs. Clodd, Jacobs, Higgens, and Baverstock took part.

An Evening Meeting was held at 22, Albemarle Street, on Wed- nesday, February 15th, 1893; ^^e President (Mr. G. L. Gomme) in the chair.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

The President laid on the table the volume of Cinderella Variants, by Miss Roalfe Cox; and upon his motion, seconded by Dr. Gaster, a hearty vote of thanks to Miss Cox was passed for the work she had done for the Society.

A Note, by Miss Lucy Broadwood, on "A Lenten Custom in the South of Italy", was read by the Secretary, and a discussion followed, in which Dr. Gaster, Mr. Baverstock, and the President took part.

The Secretary also read a short paper by Miss Lucy Garnett, entitled " The Merry Wassailers".

Mr. T. Y. Ordish then read his paper on " Folk Drama", in the course of which he exhibited the following, viz. : Some versions of the Peace Egg play in chap-book form ; photographs of Mummers from Hamble Cliff, near Netley Abbey, Hants ; dresses worn and swords used by Mummers at Sherfield English, Hants ; MS. versions of Mumming Pla)s, written by the performers ; a Christmas Rhyme- book ; dresses worn by Plough- Monday players in the Vale of Belvoir, lent by Mrs. Chaworth Musters ; and photographs of the Horn Dance, as performed at Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, sent by Mr. Udale of Uttoxeter.

At the conclusion of the paper a discussion followed, in which Miss Lucy Broadwood, Dr. Gaster, and the President took part.

On the motion of the President, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mrs. Chaworth Musters and Mr. Udale for the loan of the exhibits sent by them respectively.