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[English books published in London, French books in Paris unless otherwise mentioned.]

Auning (R.). Ueber den lettischen Drachen Mythus (Pukhis). Ein Beitrag zur lettischen Mythologie. 8vo. Mitau : Steffenhagen, 1892.

Cath Ruis na Rig for Bóinn (The Battle of Rosnaree), with Preface, Translation, and Indices, by Edm. Hogan, S.J. 8vo. xxxii, 282 pp. Dublin, 1892. (Todd Lecture Series, vol. iv.) •.• Two versions of the Irish text are printed and translated, one from the Book of Leinster, one from later MSS.

Christian (J.). Behar Proverbs. Classified and arranged according to their subject-matter, and translated into English, with notes illustrating the Social Custom, Popular Superstition, and Every-day Life of the People, and givirg the Tales and Folklore on which they are founded. With an Appendix and two Indexes. 8vo. Kegan Paul, Trübner, and Co.

Coffey (G.). On the Tumuli and Inscribed Stones at New Grange, Dowth, and Knowth. 4to. 94 pp., 6 plates and illustrations. (Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, xxx, i.) Dublin 1892. •.• A faithful description of the most important group of pre-Christian funereal monuments in Ireland, with a translation of the mediaeval legends respecting it.

Cox (Marian Roalfe). Cinderella. Three hundred and forty-five variants of Cinderella, Catskin, and Cap o' Rushes, abstracted and tabulated, with a Discussion of the Mediæval Analogues and Notes. With an Introduction by Andrew Lang. 8vo. lxxx, 536 pp. (F.-L. S. Publications, No. xxxi.)

Gaidoz (H.). Un vieux rite medical. Crown 8vo. 84 pp. E. Rolland. •.• The rite is that of passing the patient through an opening or under an object.