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Folk-lore Gleanings from County Leitrim.

three children home to their own castle, and lived happy ever afterwards.

This tale is substantially the same as that in Mr. Curtin's Irish Myths and Tales, under the name of "The Three Daughters of Coluath O'Hara, King of Desmond", where the enchantment is caused by the Queen of Tir-na-n-og. There are, however, many differences between the two versions. Mr. Curtin's version makes no mention of the Glass Mountains, an important incident here; neither is the night song of the wife given by him. On the other hand, the first part of the story is much fuller in his version, and that told here has undoubtedly suffered in the process of translation into English.

"My bonny bull of oranges" the narrator could not explain; it was as he had always heard it. It is suggested that it is a corruption of "Bull of Norroway".