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Balochi Tales.

daughter." The first went and bought a bead with his hundred rupees. The next went and bought a flying-couch with his hundred rupees. The third went and bought a looking-glass with his hundred rupees. The three of them all came together in one place, and they asked the second what his flying-couch was good for. He said: "My flying-couch is good for this: if you get up and sit in it, it will fly off and carry you a hundred miles in a moment." Then they asked the first what good his bead was. He said: "If anyone dies, take this bead and wash it, and put the water it was washed in into his mouth, and he will come to life." Then they asked the third what his looking-glass was good for. He said: "It is good for this: if you look at any place a hundred miles off you will be able to see everything in that looking-glass, and all that is going on at your home," And with that he looked in his looking-glass, and said: "While we have been trading for the sake of our uncle's daughter, she is lying dead; nay, they have lifted her up and carried her away to bury her!" Then they said to the second: "Bring your flying-couch, and let us go and assist at the funeral." So the three of them mounted in it, and that moment they were present there. Then they took the bead, and washed it, and put the water in her mouth, and she came to life. Then they went to their uncle, and said: "Now give us your daughter." He said: "Go to the king, and get a decision between you. I will marry her to the one he awards her to." The king said: "According to the law I give her to him who first saw her while the women were washing her, as he saw her undressed, and she would be ashamed in his presence!" So he then married her to that brother who saw her in the looking-glass.