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To the Editor of FOLK-LORE.

Sir, — There are two instances in Burma to my knowledge in which a tradition remains of images of Buddha having been formerly shackled. One is at Pegu, in the Shwenatha Pagoda, and the other is in the Mahamuni Pagoda at Mandalay. Both images are of presumably foreign (Indian) origin. The image in the Shwenatha Pagoda is said to have once fled from Pegu ! And the people are said to be afraid that the image in the Mahamuni Pagoda at Mandalay will go back to the original Mahamuni Pagoda which is at Mrohaung in Arakan, whence it was taken in 1784.


R. C. Temple.



To the Editor of FOLK-LORE.

Sir, — It can hardly be that the objection to red-haired men is of Hebrew origin, as suggested by Mr. Clouston on p. 558 of last year's Folk-Lore. The dislike is Egyptian : the Egyptians heaped insults upon red-haired men and also sacrificed the ass to Set (Typhon), because he was supposed to be red-haired and ass-coloured in complexion (twi/ ^v avOpoiTTUiv Tov<i 'irvppov<; irpoirrfKaKi^ovre'^, ovov ok Kcd KaraKp7]/MVL^ovT€'i, o)? KoTTTtrai, 6ia to irvppbv yejovivac TOP Tv(f)(ova Kol ovcoSt] rrjv XP^"'^> Plutarch, Isis and Osiris,

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