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Among the papers in the forthcoming number will be one by Mr. Duncan on "Folk-lore in Wills" ; by Mr. E. Sidney Hartland on "Pin-wells and Rag-bushes"; by Miss Godden on "Holy Islands" ; and a Report on Recent Research on Animal Tales, by Mr. Joseph Jacobs.

The forthcoming publishing season does not offer the usual prospects of any large number of works relating to Folk-lore. The following seem to exhaust the list :

Mrs. Gomme, English Singing Games. (Nutt.)
Sir D. Campbell, Scots Folk-Tales. (Scott.)
A. M. Fielde, Chinese Fairy Tales. (S.P.C.K.)
J. Jacobs, More English Fairy Tales. (Nutt.)

As far as yet settled, the following is the programme of the forthcoming session of the Folk-lore Society : —

Nov. 15th. — On Indian Village Festivals. By Fred. Fawcett.
Manx Proverbs. By G. W. Wood, F.C.S.
Dec. 20th. — Old Northern Folk-Lore and Folk-Faith. By F. York Powell, F.S.A.
Scripture Tableaux in Italian Churches, with notes on Italian Votive Offerings. By W. H. D. Rouse.

Jan. 17th. — Annual Meeting and Annual Address by the President.
Feb. 21st. — Gipsy Fairy Tales from Roumania. By Rev. Dr. Gaster.
Mar. 21st. — Polish and Serbian Demonology as exemplified in their Folk-Tales. By J. T. Naake.
April 18th. — The Western Folk of Ireland and their Lore. (Illustrated by Lantern Slides.) By Prof. A. C. Haddon, F.L.S.
May 23rd. — The Omens of the Thugs and their relation to European Folk-Lore of Birds and Beasts. By F. Sessions.
The Sacred Wells of Man. By A. W. Moore.
Ditto. G. W. Wood, F.C.S.