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Magic Songs of the Finns.

progeny herself on her aching knee-point with her aching palm. She gave names to her acquisitions, arranged her children as all do with their progeny, with the offspring they have brought forth. She called the girl Tuuletar (Wind's daughter), gave her the name of Vihmatar (Drizzle's daughter), then appoints her son, one for this, another for that. She squeezed one into a boil, made another so that he became a scab, pricked one so that he became pleurisy (or stitch), formed another into the gout, forced one so that he became the gripes, chased another so that he became fits, crushed one so that he became the plague, mangled another so that he became rickets. One remained without having received a name, a boy at the very bottom of the batch, a mouthless, eyeless brat. Afterwards she ordered him into the tremendous Rutja rapids, into its 'fiery' surge. From him were bitter frosts bred, by him were the Syöjätärs (ogresses) begotten, from him proceed other forms of harm. He begat the witches on the waters, the sorcerers in every dell, the jealous ones in every place, in the tremendous Rutja rapids, in its 'fiery' surge.


A blind girl of Tuonela [v. Pohjola], a wholly blind one of Ulappala [v. a hideous child of Manala], the origin of every ill, of thousands of destructive acts, sits with her back [v. breast] towards the east, passes her time with her head towards the south, her feet directed towards the west, her hips towards the north-west. A wind began to blow, the horizon to storm. The wind blew against her hips, a chill wind against her lower limbs. The west wind blew, the north-west wind dashed, the north wind crashed through her bones and limbs ; the wind blew upon her, the chill wind [v. dawn of day] quickened her.

Thereby Tuoni's swarthy girl became big, became round