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The Edinburgh D inns henc has. 493

Corrslebe, co ndeissed as-suid/« iar scis ghona et uamain ^ im- ter/i/ai acht chena is suaill nar 'bo marb focetoir. asiu rofaccadh in earn forar' dheiss(?i3r. Rosill uaid sairtuaidh caAndireach co facca in mag minscothach. Ba lainn lais rochtain an muighe atconnairc. Jjuid rome for an amthai' fon ind«^ sin co larmheddn in muighe, ait a mbui carrac cobscz/^h comadb«/, conadh [6n] drai rohainm- nigthe .1. Carrac Ce, ^(?;;adh fon cairn roladh fo talmain iarna eibelt. Intan iarum roclas a ierx. is ann [ba] tomaidm an locha taris et tar[s]in magh olchena. Unde Loch Ce.

Loch Ce, whence was it named ?

Not hard (to say). When the battle of Magh Tuiredh was fought between the Fomorians and the Tuatha De Danann the wizard of Nuada Silverhand, son of Echtach, was wounded there in the brunt of the contest. Ce was his name. Thereat he fared forward south-west from the plain till he reached Cam Corrslebe, and sat down thereon (so) wearied with his wounding and fear and travel, that he almost died forthwith. From this was seen the cairn on which he sat. He looked due north-east, and he saw the smooth and flowerful plain. Fain was he to reach the plain that he saw. On he went on the .... in that wise to the very centre of the plain, where there was a rock, firm and huge, which was (afterwards) named from the wizard, to wit Carrac Ce. And under the cairn he was interred after he had perished. Now when his tomb was dug there was an outburst of the lake over it, and over the rest of the plain. Whence is Loch Ce.

Loch Cd, now Lough Key, is a lake in the county of Roscommon, near the town of Boyle. Corrshliabh, the Curlew Mountains, also near Boyle.

As to the battle of Magh Tuiredh, see supra. No. 71, and Rev. Celtique, xii, 52 et seq.

As to Nuada and his silvern hand, ibid., 58, 66 ; LL. 9 a, 127 a ; and the Four Masters, A. M. 3303.

[76. Mag nDUiMach.] — Magh nDumach, cidh dia ta?

Ni ansa. Cath dorat^^h inma tri drnxmnibh ada deck bai a nEr/«« .1. Druim Crtcht [fo. 76^' 2] •] Druim B^/ach a ^v^it Eremoin ^ Druim Fingin a cn\t Eb/r. Ba bee la YiEher aendruim isin \eth. thes^ a do sa iir tuaidh, ^ atbert Erimon na had athroinn uad dia cuit. Fifrtar caf/i etarru. Romehaid tra for Eher, condorcair ann Eher -j Palap mac Eremon la C6'/mi£el mac Caihhad, -] rogniad dumad[a] ar in \:&c\\raidh. annsin. \]nde Magh nDuniach, -] Tend- ais a ainm ar tus. Vnde dicitur :

San cath ior Tenndais na treabh sin muigh a dorchair Eher, a dt'rcradar ann malle Goij/in,^ Setga ocus Suirge.

^ MS. gorif.$-tin. VOL. IV. L L