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The Sanctuary of Mourie.

lyfe and death, in takeing of Journeyis, was exspect to be manifested by a holl of a round stone quherein they tried the entering of their heade, which (if they) could doe, to witt, be able to put in thair heade, they exspect thair returning to that place, and failing, they considered it ominous; and withall their adoring of wells and uther superstitious monuments and stones, tedious to rehearse, Have appoynted as followes—That quhosoever sail be found to commit such abhominations, especiallie Sacrifices of any kynd, or at any tyme, sail publickly appear and be rebuked." The opening of this minute specially mentions, among the "maine enormities" of the district, the "sacrificeing at certaine tymes at the Loch of Mourie", On the 9th September 1656: "The brethren, taking to their consideratione the abhominationes within the parochia of Garloch, in sacrificing of beasts upon the 25 August, as also in pouring of milk upon hills as oblationes, quhose names ar not particularly signified as yit, refers to the diligence of the minister to mak search of thease persons .......and withall that by his private dilligence he have searchers and tryers in everie corner of the country, especiallie about the Lochmourie ........and that such as are his elders be particularly poseit, concerning former practices in qwhat they knowe of these poore ones who are called Mourie his derilans, and ownes thease titles, quho receaves the sacrifices and offerings upon accompt of Mourie his poore ones; ........and such as heve boats about the loch to transport themselves or uthers to the He of Mourie, quherein ar monuments of Idolatrie, without warrand from the superiour and minister towards lawful ends The brethren heiring be report that Miurie has his monuments and remembrances in severall paroches within the province, but more particularly in the paroches of Loch canon. Loch alse, Kintaile, Contan, and Follertie and Lochbroome."

Both these records refer to strangers and "thease that comes from forren countreyes" as sharing in the "abhomi-