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Abduction of Samri, Balochi tale, 518-20 Abercromby, Hon. J., Chicago Folk- lore Congress of 1893, 34S"8 I Magic Songs of the Finns, v, 27-49

Review of Prof. Comparetti on

Kalevala, 102-5 Aberdeenshire, First-footing in, 315-22 Abererch, sacred well near, 63 Abergele, sacred well near, 57 Abstract qualities personified in Balochi

folk-tale. 298 Afterbirth of sheep, superstition con- nected with, 5 Ale, spiced, on New Year's Day, 315 Ales, mentioned in medireval wills, 513-


Aller, John, legend about, 399

Alsace, folk-tales from, 99

Animal, helpful, 276

Animal mother, 276

Animals, language of, in Sz6kely folk- tale, 344

Annual Address by President, 1-26

Annual Report of Council, 112-18

Annual Meeting in Provinces, 115

Anthropological method of folk-tale re- search, 282

Apples, bobbing for, 362

Archaism in folk-tales, 438 et seq.

Arthurian saga, Welsh element in, 385 ; Loth's criticism of Zimmer's views on, 384-85 ; factors in Arthurian problem, 385-86

Assignation by signs in folk-tales, 287

Balance-Sheet of Folk-lore Society,

1892, 118 Balder myth and the Pace-egg or

Easter play, 156-58 Balfour, Mrs., on Bogles and Ghosts,

107 Balochi Tales, by M. L. Dames, iii,

285-302 ; iv, 518 ei seq. " Bare Bull of Orange," 325 Barvas, Lewis, wall dormitories in, 19 Barlaam and Josaphat, Armenian ver- sion of, 96 Baxters or bakers at first-footing, 311 Bear, Great, Finnish myth about, 44 Beli Mawr, Zimmer's theory concerning,

383 Bewitched butter, 180-81

Bhuta = malignant vampire-like ghost

in South India, 217-18 Bogles and Ghosts, 107 Bones as talismans in South Indies, 216 " Boroma" Irish saga, variations in text

of, 373 Borrowing theory, 12, 449-50 Braemar, wedding custom at, 318 Bride, cup borne before, 515 Bridgend, sacred well near, 55 Brittany, incidents and folk-tales of, 92 Broadwood, Miss L. E. , on Lenten

custom in South Italy, 390 Brugh, tumuli at, 370 Bryncroes, sacred well near, 61 Burial customs of prehistoric population

of Dorset and Wilts, 244 Buried treasure in ancient Iceland, 231 Bush-carrier in May-Day festivities, 51

Cairn for murdered person, 357 " Cap o' Rushes" story, 279 Carrickfergus, mother's custom anent

last breast, 8 Carolina, negro legends of, 96 Casual theory of folk-tale resemblances,

280, 449 Cat as first-foot, 320 Catskin, story of, 272, 277 ; Goldsmith

knew it, 278 Celtic Myth and Saga, A. Nutt on,

365-87 Celtic variants of Cinderella, 273, 275,

276 Ceremonial union with god, root idea

of pin and rag-offering, 469 ei seq. Chaff" in Eyes, origin of, Finnish magic

song about, 41 Chained Images, Miss Godden on, 108;

Major Temple on, in Burma, 247 Changelings, 358 Cheltenham, May-Day in, 50-54 Chicago Folk-lore Congress, 345-48 Child-exposure in heathen Iceland, 231 Children's burial-ground in Ireland, 351 Chimney sweeps, connection with May- Day, 53 Christmas plays, 119 Cinderella and Armenian Mythology, 96; in Britain, A. Nutt on, 133-41; J. Jacobs on, 269-84; and the Diffu- sion of Tales, A. Lang, 415-33 ; Mr,