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Andrews (J. B.). Traditions Populaires, Superstitions, Croy- ances, et Usages (Locaux et contemporains) Questionnaire. Naples : Fr. Giannini et figli. 8vo. 1 1 pp. [Useful memo- randa for continental folklore collectors.]

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with reference to the Physical, Ethnographic, and Historical

. Conditions of the Provinces. Longmans. Svo. xvi., 456 pp.

Bhattacharya (J. N.). Hindu Castes and Sects : an Exposition of the origin of the Hindu Caste System and the bearing of the sects towards each other and towards other religious systems. Calcutta : Thacker.

Coffey (G.). Prehistoric Cenotaphs, Dublin : University Press. 8vo., pp. 29. [Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. The author gives an account of a number of barrows never occupied by the dead, and propounds the ingenious theory that an effigy or some other substitute was buried, in order to give the soul rest. He brings together much classical and anthropological evidence ; and there can be little doubt his conclusions are correct.]

DiTCHFiELD (P. H.). Old EngUsh Customs extant at the Present Time. Redway. Crown 8vo. xvi., 344 pp. [Sheer, un- abashed bookmaking. Quite useless for students, and mis- leading for others.]

Hoffmann-Krayer (E.). Bilder aus dem Fastnachtsleben im alten Basel. Zurich: Baumgartner. Cr. Svo, 22 pp. [Ab- druck aus der Allgemeinen Schweizer-Zeitung.]

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