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the Seven Wise Masters.

The king addresses his son thus: "I am of opinion, that these philosophers do not know whose was the fault. But as for you, what do you say?" And the king's son answered and said: "In very truth, my sovereign lord, it is not at all in the power of any of the philosophers of King Cyrus to understand the circumstance which occurred to those who drank of the milk. I am of opinion that it occurred because it was determined that this should be their fate." Now as the king heard these words from his son, he was greatly rejoiced, and began and said to Sindban: "Ask of me whatever you please, I will give it thee! but if, moreover, you have (more) wisdom, teach the lad." And Sindban answered the king: "He is quite perfect and pre-eminent in wisdom, above the wise men in thy dominion." The king addressed the philosophers: "Is this true, what Sindban asserts?" They answer him: "It is true." The lad began and said: "Let it be known to thee, my sovereign lord, that men who have not a finished education do not repay with kindness the person who has done them a kindness. My master, Sindban, has instructed me in the whole range of knowledge, by dint of great diligence which he has applied to me. Surely it should be repaid him in the manner that he has acted towards me, since the philosophers say that I excel them in wisdom.

King's Son. XX.—"Listen to this parable" (continued the king's son). "There were two boys, one three years old, and the other five; and there was an old man blind and lame, who was great in wisdom." His father said: "How was this?" The lad answered and said: "There was a man in whom the love for women was excessive; and whatever woman he heard about, that she was beautiful, he was in the habit of visiting. Now one day he heard of a beautiful woman, and went to her; but this woman had a boy three years of age, who said to his mother: 'Make me something to eat!' And as the woman saw that the man was impatient, she said to him: 'Sit down, while I prepare