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lo Minutes of Meeting.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, 1896. The President (Mr. Edward Clodd) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

The resignation of the Rev. A. A. Lambing, Miss Dendy, Miss Sargant, Sir A. W. Franks, Mr. G. Whale, Mr. R. F. Yeo, Mr. L. White King, and the Leicester Permanent Library, were reported.

The election of the following new members was announced: Miss C. J. Morrison, Miss M. Dickson, Mr. N. W. Thomas, Mr. R. H. Marsh, Messrs. Van Stockum and Son, Mr. P. Manning, Professor Singer, Mr. F. Seebohm, Rev. T. Clarke, and Mrs. K. M. Clark.

The following new books which had been presented to the Society since the last meeting were laid upon the table, viz.: Voyage of Bran, by K. Meyer and A. Nutt, vol. i., pre- sented by Mr. Nutt ; Anthropology of the Todas and Kotas of the N it giri Hills, by E. Thurston, C.M.Z.S., presented by the Madras Government; The Foereyinga Saga, by F. York Powell, presented by Mr. Nutt ; Sixth Report of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, presented by the Association ; The Myths of the New World, by D. G. Brinton, presented by the Author ; Bilder aus dem Fastnachtslehen ini alten Basel, by E. Hoffman Krayer, presented by the Author; Archivio 'delta Societa Romana di Storia Patria, vol. xix., presented by the Society ; Final Report on the Land Revenue Settlement of the Western Duars of Bengal, by D. H. E. Sunder, pre- sented by the Author.

Mr. F. G. Green read a paper entitled " One-sided Folk- lore," and a short discussion followed, in which Dr. Gaster and Mr. Gomme took part.

A note by Miss M. Debenham on a cure for human beings, or cattle, overlooked by the Evil Eye (see p. 92) was read by the President.